Everything we know about Survivor 47 so far

Jeff Probst Running Wild
Jeff Probst has completed filming Survivor 47. Pic credit: ©

Survivor 47 is on the way, and it’s never too early to get excited about a new season.

Fresh off Survivor 46, naming Kenzie Petty as the winner, host Jeff Probst was already back in Fiji to film the new content.

The season Kenzie won was filmed in the spring and summer of 2023 but was saved to air in the spring of 2024.

Production has taken to filming back-to-back seasons in recent years, so Survivor 47 and Survivor 48 will be filmed ahead of the 2024-2025 television season.

This means what happens on Survivor 47 will be kept secret from the Survivor 48 cast – so possible twists will be fresh for each campaign.

But let’s get back to the Survivor 47 season and what fans can expect from it.

Everything we know about the Survivor 47 season (so far)

Survivor 47 recently wrapped filming in Fiji. The winner has already been determined, but viewers must wait to learn who won the $1 million prize.

The season premiere for this new season will arrive in late September 2024, partially taking away the Wednesday night time slot held by Big Brother 26 this summer.

The Survivor 47 cast features only new folks, with no returning players invited for the season. Jeff Probst is likely holding off on returners to make Survivor 50 even more exciting.

Here is the Survivor 47 cast list that was leaked online. It’s an unofficial list, but it comes from a reputable site – so it might be accurate.

Jeff has also revealed key details about this next season through his On Fire podcast. He says there is no auction, players still have to earn the merge, the Fire-Making Challenge remains, there will still be a final three to meet the jury, and Beware Advantages return.

Jeff also reiterated that it is a 26-day season (not 39 days), that tribes have to earn their flints, and that there are three tribes. This means two tribes will still win safety at the Immunity Challenges early in the season.

Survivor 47 also has no theme, with Fiji serving as the backdrop, and food remains scarce. Jeff spoke about wanting to make the castaways earn everything, and he had almost no sympathy for tribes losing their flint.

Elsewhere in the world of Survivor…

Four Survivor alums are on The Traitors 3. This new season has invited 21 people from reality television to compete for part of a $250,000 prize in Scotland.

Kenzie Petty shared new pregnancy photos. It led to some nice comments from fans and Survivor alumni.

How about some future rumors? It seems Boston Rob Mariano is working on alliances for Survivor 50.

The CBS boss also teased a “year-long” celebration for Survivor hitting 50 seasons. It could be a fun event for fans to enjoy.

Previous seasons of Survivor are streaming on Paramount+. That includes the Winners at War season where a $2 million prize was on the line (Survivor 40).

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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