Everything we know about Big Brother 26 so far

Julie Chen Smiling on the Red Carpet
Not everyone is smiling in the Big Brother house. Pic credit: © Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

The Big Brother 26 season arrives soon. It also begins the race to the $750,000 prize.

A two-night season premiere is scheduled for July 17 and 18. That’s when the BB26 begins its takeover of primetime on CBS.

As noted above, the BB26 winner receives a $750,000 prize for lasting until the end. The good news for the houseguests is that everyone gets paid to play BB26.

Host Julie Chen Moonves returns for the summer season, continuing her long-running streak as host of the reality competition show.

Along the way, we expect Big Brother alums to weigh in heavily with their opinions on social media. It’s also the first time the BB25 cast gets to do it.

A Big Brother 26 watch party has also been scheduled, with many Big Brother alums gathering and partying with fan involvement.

Everything we know about the Big Brother 26 season

Below is everything we know so far about the Big Brother 26 season. What we must wait for is confirmation of the new theme.

A Big Brother teaser did hint at artificial intelligence being involved this summer, but the producers have yet to confirm that.

The BB26 cast will be entirely new people. There are no returning houseguests this summer, as the producers opted for fresh faces.

New episodes will air each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS. The great news is that BB26 episodes all air at 9/8c, making it much easier for fans to remember the scheduling.

BB26 episodes will be available for streaming on Paramount+,

Live feeds are also returning, with Paramount+ providing the coverage to subscribers. This allows fans to see important conversations happening outside of the regular episodes.

A new BB26 promo featuring Zingbot can be viewed here – suggesting he will appear during an episode this summer.

The list of new houseguests will come out shortly before the new season begins, but here are our guesses on the BB26 cast drop date.

Check back for more information as it gets revealed, as the article will be updated to reflect any breaking news about the upcoming season.

More news from the world of Big Brother

The Traitors 3 has finished filming and two Big Brother alums played. This is a new season for the reality competition show on Peacock.

Big Brother fans have been advising the BB26 cast in preparation for the long summer season. Some of the tips could also help people apply for future seasons.

Applications for Big Brother 27 have been opened. Fans hoping to compete for big cash prizes on national television can now put their best foot forward.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are streaming on Paramount+. That includes the two All-Star seasons (BB7 and BB22).

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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