Erika Jayne will reportedly address her divorce from Tom Girardi on upcoming season of RHOBH

Erika Jayne’s divorce is expected to play out on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Pic credit: ©

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne will reportedly address her scandalous divorce in the upcoming season and she will not be holding back.

A source close to Erika told Us Weekly that she plans on revealing as much as she legally can about the divorce.

“Erika will address her divorce on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Legally, there is only so much she is allowed to say, but she has been advised on what she can put out there,” one insider tells Us.

The source then reveals how much Erika will delve into her controversial split.

“She’s going to tell her story and she’s not going to hold back. In the past when they filmed, Erika protected Tom at all costs, but this time around is going to be different,” the source explains.

Knowing the RHOBH women, everyone likely has an opinion on Erika’s divorce, and the source alleges their opinions will be a part of the storyline.

“Viewers will also finally hear the other Housewives’ thoughts on Erika and Tom’s divorce,” the source adds.

Viewers may be surprised to learn that “Rinna has been her biggest support among the cast.”

Erika has had some serious allegations thrown at her involving the divorce including fraud, so it’s likely that she wants to share her side of the story and clear her name as much as she possibly can.

Viewers plead for the divorce to be covered

This news comes as fans beg the RHOBH to get candid about her divorce on social media.

Fans have criticized Erika in the past for keeping her lips sealed about her personal life.

One Bravo blogger called the Painkllr singer out and expressed that if she doesn’t address the divorce, especially after it has been so prevalent in the media, “she needs to go.”

Fans agreed in the comments section and are begging for Erika’s divorce tea to be featured in Season 11.

Weeks later, Erika teased that Season 11’s ratings will be higher than ever after the show was claimed 2020’s most successful Real Housewives franchise. It appears that her divorce will stir up quite a bit of drama.

Here’s what we know about her divorce

Erika filed for divorce from her husband Tom Girardi after nearly 21 years of marriage.

The divorce came shortly after Tom was slammed with lawsuits.

Erika has been accused of divorcing Tom fraudulently to protect their assets. However, Erika’s recent Instagram post is proof that she is divorcing Tom because he hasn’t been faithful.

Erika publically accused Justice Trisha A. Bigelow of sending suggestive texts and pictures with Tom and even posted the exchanges, along with her phone number, on her Instagram.

The post has since gotten her in even more legal trouble.

Shortly after filing for divorce, Erika moved out of her and Tom’s $8.5 million mansion and is now living in a one-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in LA.

The couple had not signed a prenup due to Tom’s law background, and Tom has refused to give her spousal support.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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