DWTS star Jenna Johnson reveals celebrities and All-Star she wants as partners

dancing with the stars dance pro jenna johnson selfie from instagram
Jenna Johnson is ready for another season of DWTS. Pic credit: @jennajohnson/Instagram

Jenna Johnson has revealed her dream dance partners as Dancing With the Stars Season 33 approaches.

Johnson appeared in DWTS Season 32, where she tried to guide model Tyson Beckford to the Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy.

Unfortunately, Beckford was eliminated earlier than Johnson’s previous dance partners due to an average score of 15.0 per dance.

Before that, Johnson and her celebrity partners for the five previous seasons finished among the top eight contestants.

That included a Season 26 win alongside Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon and back-to-back second-place finishes in Seasons 29 and 30.

She recently talked about who she’d love to work with, whether it’s DWTS’ regular format with new celebrity contestants or an All-Star edition.

DWTS star has multiple celebs on her ‘dream’ partners list

As fans speculate and suggest who they want on DWTS, pro dancers also have some celebs in mind. Jenna Johnson shared the names of several she thinks it would be great to work with on the show.

She received the question during a Soaps interview and revealed that former NFL star Jason Kelce was the contestant who made the most sense.

“Kelce would be so fun because he would be hilarious and he just retired, so I feel like it makes sense for him,” Johnson said.

His famous NFL brother Travis Kelce might be campaigning for a movie role, just as Johnson suggested Jason as a “dream” DWTS dance partner. Jason and Travis co-host the New Heights podcast, where DWTS and Johnson might get mentioned.

If Jason joined DWTS, he’d follow in the footsteps of many other NFL stars who tried to win the dance competition show. Players that appeared included Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson in Season, and more recently, Adrian Peterson in Season 32.

Several NFL stars claimed the trophy, including Season 3 winner Emmitt Smith, Season 14 winner Donald Driver, and Season 24 winner Rashad Jennings.

Along with naming Jason Kelce as a potential dance partner, Johnson also said she needed to throw some “crazy” names out there for celebs she would work with. Several Hollywood stars were among them.

“I’m going to say Zac Efron. If he ever wants to do it, please sign me up. Channing Tatum as well, we could use his dance moves on the show,” Johnson said in the interview.

Jenna named one All-Star she’d work with

While ABC revealed that Dancing With the Stars will return for Season 33, they’ve yet to disclose when or the format. And another DWTS All-Star season could always occur.

With that in mind, Johnson said she’d “Absolutely” appear on an All-Star season and revealed which former DWTS winner she’d most want to work with.

“I’m going to say Apolo [Anton Ohno]. I would love to do an All-Star season with him. I think he and Julianne [Hough] had such a great partnership and just like everything he did was top tier. So I’d love to work with somebody like him. I think it’d be really fun,” she said.

It makes sense she would select Ohno, based on her previous win alongside another skater, Rippon.

An eight-time medalist at the Winter Olympics, Apolo won with Julianne in 2007’s Season 4.

He returned for Season 15, which was the first All-Stars edition of the show. However, he and dance partner Karina Smirnoff got eliminated in Week 9. A return to DWTS would give him and Johnson another shot at winning the show.

While DWTS hasn’t revealed its cast of dancers and celebrities, Jenna Johnson seems among the dance professionals eager to return to the dancefloor and help someone win.

Dancing With the Stars Season 33 premiere is TBA for ABC and Disney+.

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