Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings addresses if he’d appear on Dancing with the Stars cast

ken jennings face shot while hosting jeopardy on abc
Will Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings appear on Dancing With the Stars? Pic credit: ABC

Jeopardy! fans are eager to see host Ken Jennings show his skills on Dancing with the Stars.

As DWTS Season 33 approaches, various cast rumors are swirling about which dancers and celebrities will appear.

Jennings initially appeared on Jeopardy! as one of the most successful contestants before becoming one of the show’s hosts several years ago.

He’s since gone on to fill the famous shoes of the late Alex Trebek, receiving an Emmy nomination for his work.

However, trying his dancing skills on the ballroom floor might require him to step out of his comfort zone and put on shoes he’s not used to. It’s something fellow game show host Drew Carey from The Price Is Right has done.

Jennings recently addressed whether he would appear on DWTS and Jeopardy! fans seem to support his joining the cast.

Ken Jennings addresses a potential DWTS appearance

The Jeopardy! Instagram account recently shared a clip of Ken Jennings answering questions fans asked in comments.

One commenter asked the game show host to reveal his favorite pasta shape, while another asked what dish he missed most from growing up in Korea.

A commenter asked if he would ever go on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

“Nobody in America wants to see me do Dancing with the Stars. I promise I won’t. I will save you that indignity,” Ken responded.

Ken replied to another question, asking how everyone would know this was him answering the fans’ questions.

“This is not me. They have programmed an A.I. to give stupid answers about pasta and cheese,” he replied.

He also said he wouldn’t attempt to replicate former host Alex Trebek’s trademark 1970s mustache.

He said, “Worse than Dancing with the Stars,” about trying to grow similar facial hair for TV.

Fans still want Jennings to appear on DWTS

While Jennings, or the A.I. Jennings, seemed uninterested in attempting to compete on DWTS, many fans supported the idea fully.

Many commenters continued to suggest and even demand that he give it a shot.

“okay seriously, y’all, can we all legit start an official campaign or petition to get KEN ON DWTS!! even if he doesn’t want to.. i think he would be great and fun to watch… (wayyyyy worse people have done it,” a fan commented.

In addition to using hashtags like “#ken4DWTS” and “#officialpetition,” the commenter also replied to their comment with a tag for the @dancingwiththestars Instagram page.

screenshot shows fan on instagram suggesting ken jennings for dwts
DWTS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @jeopardy/Instagram

Additional comments arrived on the Instagram post, as fans said they would like to see Jennings try DWTS.

“Um…I would love this man on DWTS. He needs to do it please and thank you,” one commenter wrote.

“Ken we need you on Dancing With The Stars,” another individual commented.

instagram screenshot shows comments from fans suggesting ken jennings appear on dwts
More fans share their thoughts. Pic credit: @jeopardy/Instagram

“Ken, we are begging for DWTS,” another commenter wrote.

Jennings has attempted other competitive shows but only game shows so far. He’s played The $100,000 Pyramid, hosted by former NFL star Michael Strahan, and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, hosted by Pat Sajak.

He could try his hand at other game shows, including the upcoming Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? hosted by Travis Kelce, or Lingo, hosted by RuPaul.

However, it seems fans are intent on seeing him attempting dances to wow the DWTS judges and viewers.

So far, DWTS Season 33 has been confirmed. However, the show hasn’t announced its cast of celebrities and professional dancers.

Fans seem ready to petition DWTS to get Jennings to step away from the Jeopardy! clues and onto the dancefloor to compete for the Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy.

Dancing with the Stars Season 33 is TBA for ABC and Disney+.

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