DWTS: Rylee Arnold addresses her Season 33 return and Harry Jowsey rumors

dancing with the stars rylee arnold face shot from instagram selfie
DWTS professional dancer Rylee Arnold appears in a selfie. Pic credit: @ryleearnold1/Instagram

Rylee Arnold addressed those rumors about her former dance partner, Harry Jowsey, following his podcast remarks and rumors of a feud.

Jowsey revealed during his new podcast that he had a girlfriend while he partnered with Rylee on Dancing With the Stars.

Based on his comments, he and Rylee were never romantically involved during his time with her for or after the dance competition series.

Many of Rylee’s fans were outraged by his remarks following a season where they seemingly played up their relationship on social media.

That led to speculation that the two are feuding with one another following their time as dance partners.

In addition to commenting on her situation with Jowsey, she also spoke about whether she’s planning to return for DWTS Season 33.

Rylee spills tea on her and Harry as she attends ‘first event’ by herself

At the recent 59th Academy of Country Music Awards, Entertainment Tonight spoke with Rylee Arnold about multiple topics, including her rumored feud with Harry Jowsey.

Neither ET nor Rylee mentioned “feud” as she addressed whether they had “something” between them during DWTS.

“Probably to the public, it seemed like it because there was obvious chemistry. We had so much fun together,” she told ET.

“I’m truly grateful for the relationship I built and the friendship I built with him. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for my first season, and I’m just so happy for his recent successes,” she admitted.

When asked if they still communicated, Rylee said, “Yes, of course,” also revealing that Harry is “one of [her] best friends and will be for the rest of [her] life.”

Will Rylee return for DWTS Season 33?

Rylee debuted on Dancing With the Stars Season 32 with Harry as her dance partner and finished fifth overall. She won over many new fans, who are rooting to see her back for DWTS Season 33 after the show got renewed.

Regarding the dance competition show, Rylee seems to be all for getting back on the dancefloor to compete for the Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy.

“I’m getting ready. Getting prepped,” she said when asked about a return to DWTS, adding she’s “so excited” for the upcoming season.

Rumors swirl ahead of new seasons about which celebrities might participate. Julianne Hough revealed her “dream” celeb for the show, but as of this writing, who will appear in DWTS is still unknown.

When asked about any rumors about the Season 33 cast, Rylee indicated she was in the dark, just like all of the fans. However, her fans can rest assured that she’s ready to return and have a fresh chance at winning that coveted trophy!

Dancing With the Stars Season 33 premiere is TBA for ABC and Disney+.

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