DWTS rumors: Rylee Arnold may be feuding with former dance partner Harry Jowsey

harry jowsey and rylee arnold face shots from dancing with the stars 32 on abc
Former DWTS partners Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold. Pic credit: ABC

Former Dancing With the Stars partners Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey may be feuding following rumors they were dating.

Jowsey, a former Too Hot to Handle star, appeared as Rylee’s partner for Season 32 of DWTS.

They were eliminated ninth overall from the competition despite many fans rooting for them to go further as a couple.

After that, based on recent details and remarks from Jowsey, they may not be on the best of terms now.

During his recent podcast episode, he addressed the speculation about him and the dance professional having a relationship.

Those remarks didn’t sit well with Rylee’s fans, as many slammed the reality TV star.

Jowsey shared that his ‘secret relationship’ ended on DWTS due to attention on him and Rylee

In a TikTok video by Stephanie Matto, she claimed that “fans are furious” after hearing Jowsey’s remarks addressing his rumored relationship with Rylee during DWTS.

According to Jowsey, he was in a “secret relationship at the start of Dancing With the Stars.” That relationship, which was with Jessica Vestal from reality TV’s Love Is Blind, supposedly suffered while he was competing on DWTS due to the “attention on him and Rylee.”

Jowsey spoke about that on his new podcast, although his ex-girlfriend’s name was bleeped out. He also denied ever dating Rylee.

Following his remarks, Rylee released a video on her Snapchat, appearing to cry before addressing her friends and fans.

“Also, to all the people who have been so supportive of me today, I see you, and I love you all so much,” Rylee said.


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During her TikTok video remarks, Matto also shared that Jowsey and Rylee unfollowed one another on social media, suggesting they had a falling out.

Critics blasted Jowsey following his podcast remarks

Many individuals sounded off in the comment section of Matto’s TikTok video as they slammed Jowsey for what he said and did.

“I think he totally took advantage of Rylee and was leading her on,” one commenter wrote, adding, “She clearly had feelings. He definitely just loved the drama, attention on him the whole time!”

“Harry is the world’s biggest F Boy and it should be well known by now,” another commenter said.

screenshot shows comments from jowsey and rylee tiktok video
Social media weighs in. Pic credit: @stephaniematto/TikTok

“Harry literally spend thanksgiving with Riley’s family and bought her a designer gift,” a commenter wrote.

Jowsey spoke about his situation with Rylee on his new podcast

Jowey’s recent remarks came during the premiere of the first episode of his Boyfriend Material podcast, which was released earlier this week.

He recalled what Rylee was like when they first met and indicated nothing had happened between them.

“Obviously, she was so sweet. But remember, guys, I had a secret girlfriend at the time, so I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was on my good boy behavior,” Jowsey claimed.

While he said they’d spend “28 hours a week together” or more and became close, he explained that they also “set boundaries.”

“I’m sorry if this answer breaks some hearts, but I’m here to confirm once and for all, Rylee and I have never been [in] any type of relationship,” Jowsey said.

“We never leaned into it. We never were putting on an act or anything like that. It was just organic. What you saw is kind of how it was. That was just amazing love and amazing friendship, and just an amazing bond that we had together,” he shared.

Speculation swirled about the couple’s relationship as they were dance partners during DWTS Season 32, and they played things up on social media. While some fans were rooting for them to have a real-life romance, it seems it was all part of show business, according to Jowsey.

Dancing With the Stars Season 33 is TBA for ABC and Disney+.

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