Duggar women throw Hannah Wissmann second bridal shower in Arkansas

Jana Duggar and Hannah Wissmann.
Hannah Wissmann had another bridal shower in Arkansas. Pic credit: @hannahwissmann/Instagram

Hannah Wissmann will marry Jeremiah Duggar in a little under three weeks.

In February, she had a bridal shower in her home state of Nebraska, which her sisters threw. Michelle Duggar attended along with all of the younger Duggar daughters and Anna Duggar’s oldest daughter, Mackynzie Duggar.

It seems that the Duggar women threw a separate shower for Hannah Wissmann in Arkansas, as the bride-to-be shared some photos from the event.

Hannah Wissmann second bridal shower

Last month, Hannah Wissmann celebrated her upcoming marriage to Jeremiah Duggar with a bachelorette party and a bridal shower thrown in Nebraska. She shared the invites that went out ahead of the fun.

She recently shared photos from her second bridal shower that Jeremiah Duggar’s mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law threw.

Hannah captioned the post, “They say that twins have a special bond. I am totally good with that, because, it means I get to hang out with this incredible person more often!! ??? // Thank you Katey, Mrs Duggar and all of the sisters for making me feel so welcomed and for completely showering me with love!!!! I love y’all! ???”

She posed with a very pregnant Katelyn Nakatsu. She is married to Jedidiah Duggar and due with a little boy in April. Jedidiah and Jeremiah are twins and incredibly close, which is why she mentioned that in her caption. Hannah and Katey will likely spend a lot of time together, and both seem to relish the idea.

Hannah also posed with Jana and Johannah Duggar, shared some of the spread, and posed with two of her sisters, who also attended the shower thrown in Arkansas.

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann wedding

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann will be married on Saturday, March 26. The two confirmed the wedding date last month after it leaked earlier this year.

The two kept their relationship under wraps for quite some time. They were rumored to be dating for over a year before Jeremiah confirmed Hannah was his girlfriend in October. Shortly after that, he proposed, and she accepted.

There’s speculation the two broke courting rules after a reel Hannah Wissmann shared on Instagram seemed to capture them in bed together. Neither has discussed their specific rules, but it seems they were more relaxed than some of the rules Jeremiah Duggar’s sisters followed.

It seems like Hannah Wissmann will fit right in with the Duggar women, and she is happy to join them.

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