Mackynzie Duggar looks all grown up standing next to her aunts and grandma

Mackynzie and Josie Duggar.
Mackynzie Duggar is all grown up. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Mackynzie Duggar is a preteen, but she looks so grown up next to her aunts and grandma, Michelle Duggar.

The Duggar matriarch appeared to have traveled with the younger Duggar sisters, and Mackynzie was along for the ride.

Anna Duggar gave birth to Mackynzie just a few months before Michelle welcomed a very premature Josie.

Mackynzie Duggar attends Hannah Wissmann’s bridal shower

Hannah Wissmann celebrated her bachelorette party and bridal shower over the weekend. She shared her invitation last week, and now, she is sharing photos from the events.

In one of the photos Jeremiah Duggar’s soon-to-be-wife shared, she posed with her future mother-in-law and several of her younger sisters-in-law. Mackynzie Duggar was also in the photo.

It’s unclear why Mackynzie was there for Michelle and the younger Duggar sisters, but it seems to be a trend over the last year. The oldest child of Josh and Anna Duggar has spent a lot of time at the big house with her aunts. She appears incredibly close to Jordyn and Josie Duggar, as all three girls are around the same age.

None of the other Duggar siblings were pictured in Hannah’s post on her Instagram. Michelle, Jennifer, Johannah, Jordyn, Josie, and Mackynzie were the only ones photographed. Where the older sisters were is unclear, but Jinger Duggar likely wouldn’t have traveled for the shower if she had planned to attend the March wedding.

Josh and Anna Duggar ups and downs

Mackynzie Duggar is Josh and Anna Duggar’s oldest child. She was born just a few months before Josie Duggar, and growing up, Anna spent a lot of time with Michelle at the big house.

A lot has happened over the last year for Mackynzie and her family. She is old enough to grasp some of what has happened to her dad, Josh Duggar. Things changed in April 2021 when Josh was arrested on child pornography charges. From there, he moved into the Reber house, where Mackynzie and her siblings had to see him, though she continued to spend time at the big Duggar house.

Josh Duggar was convicted on December 9, and his sentencing is scheduled for April 5. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

It’s unclear how much Mackynzie Duggar knows about her dad and her family’s situation. She has been spending a lot of time with her grandparents and aunts and uncles at the big house, and it seems that’s where she’s most comfortable.

Mackynzie is all grown up, and it’s hard to believe for viewers who have been watching the shows since she was born.

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