Did Jeremiah Duggar break courting rules with Hannah Wissmann?

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann.
Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann are getting married in a few weeks. Pic credit: @jerduggar/Instagram

Later this month, Jeremiah Duggar will wed Hannah Wissmann.

The couple has been official for just a few months, but their courtship has been speculated for quite some time.

Jeremiah went official with Hannah last October and announced their engagement not too long after that. Counting On fans have known about the Duggar-Wissmann connection for a while, but they believed Jana Duggar was seeing Stephen Wissmann. She was likely just Jeremiah’s chaperone while he visited Hannah.

Hannah Wissmann shares sweet video about relationship with Jeremiah Duggar

On Instagram, Hannah Wissmann shared a reel that was dedicated to her relationship with Jeremiah Duggar.

There were some photos of the two and some snippets of videos, one of which appears to see Jeremiah and Hannah in bed together.

In one of the clips, it appears that Jeremiah may have been relaxing in a bed with Hannah as they hung out. There is what appeared to be a headboard behind him, and he seems to be leaning back.

Jeremiah Duggar in the video.
Pic credit: @hannahwissmann/Instagram

Did Jeremiah Duggar breaking courting rules?

The Duggars are known for their strict courting rules. No sex before marriage, side hugs only, no kissing until marriage, no dates without a chaperone, modest clothing only, and the list continues.

While it’s unclear if Jeremiah Duggar actually broke courting rules and the details surrounding that compromising video, he and Hannah Wissmann may have chosen different rules to follow.

Jim Bob Duggar has a huge questionnaire for potential suitors of his daughters to fill out, but the sons seem to be able to do what they want on their own.

John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett had their own version of courting rules, though they were much older when they tied the knot. Jedidiah Duggar kept his relationship completely private, only revealing it after his engagement video leaked.

Jeremiah Duggar will marry Hannah Wissmann in Nebraska in a little under three weeks. She already had her bachelorette party and bridal shower, which was attended by Michelle Duggar and the younger sisters with Mackynzie Duggar along too.

As the preparation for the wedding gets underway, it’s clear Hannah is excited to marry Jeremiah after spending time with him and getting to know him. Their wedding date is March 26, and it will be held in Nebraska, which means the Duggar siblings will have to travel to be there.

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann may have broken courting rules, but they are living their best lives.

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