Did Peter Hunziker tell Below Deck Med charter guest Hannah Yu where to meet crew?

Below Deck Med alum Peter may have been the one to invite the charter guests out.
Rob may not have been the one to invite Hannah and friends to join The Wellington crew at the club. Pic credit: Bravo

There is another layer to the drama surrounding the final Below Deck Mediterranean charter guests showing up at the same club where The Wellington crew was partying during the last night out.

New online reports claim Peter Hunziker tipped off charter guest Hannah Yu and her friends, not Robert Westergaard, like Jessica More recently alluded.

The second stew was fuming when Hannah showed up, especially since Jess was fighting with Rob. Viewers watched as Rob ignored Jess to chat with Hannah. The move caused Jess to become enraged with jealousy, wreaking havoc on the cast members’ last night together.

Did Pete tip-off Hannah?

A fan Tweet asking Jess how Hannah ended up at the club got the ball rolling on the charter guests tip-off drama. The user wanted to know if Rob invited the ladies to meet up with them.

After all, Rob spent a lot of time flirting with Hannah during the charter. Hannah has shared that Rob flirted with her like he was single, and there was a lot more than what fans saw play out on the small screen.

Jess didn’t say Rob invited them but that the ladies were told where to meet The Wellington crew. Now it appears Pete may have set up the encounter.

A Bravo insider claims Pete texted the charter guests, and deckhand Alex Radcliffe knew the women were meeting them while out.


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Perhaps there will be more insight into the topic at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion show. That is, if the crew is even allowed to talk about Pete since Bravo fired him for sharing a racist post.

The editing factor

The result of Pete being fired after Below Deck Med started airing was the deckhand being edited out of the season. Bravo did such a good job, fans not only forgot Pete existed but also forgot why he was fired.

Twitter even starting playing a drinking game called “Where is Pete” when glimpses of him snuck into a scene.

There is an excellent chance Pete was the one who texted Hannah, but viewers didn’t see it because of editing. Fans know the season was altered when Pete was fired.

Pete’s cocky and condescending manner toward women would have most definitely been a hot topic if the deckhand still appeared on the small screen.

So to answer the question did Pete Hunziker tip-off charter guest Hannah Yu, it is one possibility. The only thing fans know for sure is the someone told the group where to meet up with the cast.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Reunion Part 1 airs on Monday, October 19 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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