Did Love After Lockup couple Sarah and Michael reconcile?

Sarah and Michael after his release from prison.
Sarah and Michael were spotted hanging out again. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup fans have been watching as Sarah and Michael Simmons play cat and mouse. From the moment they debuted to the current season of Life After Lockup, this husband and wife duo have been up and down.

Michael introduced WEtv viewers to his wife Sarah and his girlfriend, Megan. Both filmed their season of Love After Lockup with a sit-down meeting happening between the two women on the season finale.

Now, there is a third woman in the mix, Maria, who is the side-side chick and Life After Lockup fans need to know where things stand.

Are Michael and Sarah reconciling?

There has been mixed messaged from Sarah this season on Life After Lockup.

In the beginning, she was seeking a divorce and talking about custody issues, and now, she is calling him her man still and sleeping with him while he is back in New York.

The most recent episode of Life After Lockup featured Michael straight-up lying in his confessional about sleeping with Sarah, and she admitted they did spend the night together.

Viewers are just waiting on her to announce another pregnancy after their intimate encounter.

Meanwhile, he had also spoken to Megan on video chat and was hanging out with Maria in the hotel.

Given the upcoming fight that is going to happen outside of where Michael and his “girlfriend” are staying, it looks like Sarah may be fighting for her man.

The proof is in the footage

While it has not been officially announced, it looks like Sarah and Michael are kicking it again. The two were filmed leaving a liquor store not long ago.

They looked happy and like they were getting along.

On Instagram, Michael shared photos of his kids when he was spending time with them.

Given all that has happened while filming Life After Lockup, it is shocking that he is not only seeing his kids but that he is also kicking it with Sarah.

At this point, Love After Lockup viewers wouldn’t be too shocked to learn that Michael and Sarah reconciled.

She has changed her whole tune on the show, and sleeping with him despite knowing he has yet another girl in a hotel room proves that no matter what, she is going to ride for her husband.

Reconciliation is looking more and more likely between Sarah and Michael. Where will that leave Megan and Maria?

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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