Did Javi Marroquin crop Lauren Comeau out of his family Christmas photo?

Javi Marroquin during an episode of Teen Mom 2
It looks as though Javi Marroquin may have cropped Lauren Comeau out of his Christmas photo. Pic credit: MTV

Another week has passed and Teen Mom 2 fans have yet to find out the current relationship status of Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau.

Since Kailyn Lowry’s hook-up accusation a few months ago, Lauren and Javi have spent time apart.  Lauren recently came back to Delaware after spending time with her family in Maine to celebrate their son Eli’s birthday.

Fans wondered whether Lauren joined Javi for the celebration because they got back together or whether they were being amicable for the sake of their son.

Recently, Javi posted holiday photos of Eli and his son Lincoln, who he shares with Kailyn Lowry. One of the photos looked as if Javi had cropped someone out.

At first glance, it looked as if Lauren could be the person Javi cropped out, but after seeing another post of the boys posing with the Grinch, it looks like the green Chrismas villain is the person cropped out.

Javi captioned the boy’s photos with “‘I don’t need anything more for Christmas than this right here’ – Lou Lou Who”

The quote seemingly implied that Javi has come to terms with the potential end of his engagement to Lauren.  Fans continue to wonder where Lauren has been as neither she nor Javi have been spotted together in quite some time.



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A post shared by Javi Marroquin (@javim9)

No birthday wishes for Javi or Lauren

While Javi’s Christmas photos are the latest thing to cause speculation about the end of their engagement, a few other things have happened recently that have left fans wondering what’s going on.

Recently, Javi and Lauren both celebrated birthdays.  While Javi did not post birthday messages to Lauren on social media, Lauren shared a cryptic message to her Instagram on Javi’s birthday that made it seem like she was throwing shade his way.

As Javi shared birthday tributes from friends to his Instagram stories, Lauren shared a quote to hers.

The quote read, “Fall back in love with yourself…the way you want somebody else to.  Set the tone!”

Lauren Comeau seemingly throws shade at Javi Marroquin on his birthday
Lauren Comeau seemingly throws shade at Javi Marroquin on his birthday Pic credit: @Lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

The post is the latest in cryptic messages that Lauren has posted since their relationship troubles began.

Lauren searches for housing options

Lauren’s cryptic messages aren’t the only thing fans have been talking about.  Lauren recently took to Facebook to seek housing recommendations from her friends in Delaware.

The post said, “Hi Delaware friends!  If any of you know of a short term rental options, 6 months or under, or a rent to own option – please let me know!”

Lauren seeking rent to own options did not signal good things for her and Javi’s future.

Neither Lauren nor Javi have yet to publicly confirm their relationship status.  Javi’s cropped Christmas picture is just another piece to the puzzle that’s leading fans to think the couple is done for good.

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