Lauren Comeau’s vague post about a ‘narcissist’ is probably about Teen Mom dad Javi Marroquin

Javi Marroquin during a reunion episode of Teen Mom 2
Lauren Comeau posts cryptic message about narcissists and it’s most likely directed at Javi Marroquin Pic credit: MTV

Ever since Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry called out her ex-husband Javi Marroquin for trying to hook up, fans have waited eagerly in anticipation of Lauren’s response.

Up until recently, Lauren had remained quiet about the status of her and Javi’s relationship but her recent social media post looks like she may have thrown some shade his way.

Lauren’s Instagram account is filled with photos of her and Javi’s son Eli as well as advertisements for the Arbonne products she sells, but a few days ago she shared a quote about narcissists to her story.

The quote read, “One of the most insane and devastating parts of narcissist abuse is the projection tactics that narcissists use.  Narcissists, quite simply accuse you of all the things that they do themselves.”  The Instagram page @narcissistrecovery received credit for the image.

It seems as though the post may be a passive-aggressive snub at Javi, as he’s been unfaithful to Lauren yet again.  Shortly after their engagement, Javi was allegedly caught cheating with another woman in their home.

Lauren was able to forgive Javi and make things work, but it doesn’t look like things have been as easy the second time around.

Lauren Comeau posts cryptic message about narcissists on her Instagram story
Lauren Comeau posts cryptic message on her Instagram story which may be directed at Javi Marroquin Pic credit: @lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

Javi turns to prayer

Lauren brought Eli to Maine to be with her family after the hook up accusation news was revealed.  She deleted all traces of him from her Instagram pictures and he’s been nowhere to be found in her Instagram stories of their son, leading fans to believe they broke up.

As Javi struggled with the thought of losing his relationship, he turned to religion to help guide him.  During an Instagram live, Javi said, “I have to ask the Lord to kinda guide me in the right direction…A lot of things have happened. It’s just been really hard and over the years I’ve kind of lost my faith.”

He invited his followers to join him in a guided prayer group and admitted to going through a difficult time.

He said, “It’s kind of lonely by myself so I was hoping if anybody is going through some financial troubles, some relationship troubles, some family troubles and you just need someone to pray with, I kind of wanted to open that door.”

Javi disabled his Instagram account just a few days later and after weeks of radio silence, re-activated his account a few days ago.  Since starting back up on social media, Javi has not posted anything new.

Kail’s loyalty to Javi

Lauren may want nothing to do with Javi, but it looks like his ex-wife and baby mama Kail can’t help but stay loyal to him even after she threw him under the bus with the hookup claims.

On her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail admitted, “I don’t hate Javi at all. I just don’t hate him. I have a weird, unspoken loyalty to him that I have not figured out yet. I would always wish the best for him.”

She added, “He has this great image. He’s a great guy, he’s a great dad, he’s a hard worker, and he is all those things.”

Kail may have been able to forgive Javi for all of the ups and downs of their own relationship, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be as lucky with Lauren.  In light of her recent post about narcissists, Lauren continues to remain silent about the status of their relationship.

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