Derek Frazier from Big Brother 23 posts apology to Whitney Williams after social media backlash

Derek F On BB23 LF
The BB23 cast included Derek Frazier and Whitney Williams during Summer 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Former Big Brother 23 houseguest Derek Frazier started up some drama with fellow cast member Whitney Williams this past week but decided to post an apology about it today.

On Friday, Derek posted a photo on Twitter that his friend took of Whitney following the Celebrity Big Brother 3 finale. The photo was at Todrick hall’s house, and Derek used it to drag up a post that Whitney had previously made about Todrick.

It seemed to be another attempt by Derek to defend the actions of Todrick during the recent CBB3 season, but it did not go over well at all. There was a huge backlash on social media, leading to Derek deleting that post and trying to backtrack.

And no, the former CBB3 houseguest has not resurfaced after Todrick canceled his post-show interviews and vanished into the night. At least Miesha Tate apologized to Shanna Moakler and accepted some of the heat for their actions in the Big Brother house.

Now, Derek has made a new post, possibly as an attempt to apologize, but he also left up quite a few re-tweets he made on Friday that attempted to make Whitney look bad. That alone led to a lot of Big Brother fans doubting the authenticity of his latest apology.

BB23: Derek Frazier posts an apology to Whitney Williams

“After some deep reflection I’ve come to the realization that me taking/posting the picture without Whitney’s consent was both hurtful and hypocritical of what I said last week when I said that ‘these matters shouldn’t be taken to a public platform’ and for that I truly apologize,” Derek Frazier posted on Twitter.

Derek F Apology To Whitney BB23
Derek Frazier from BB23 posted an apology to Whitney Williams. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Twitter

Whitney responds about authenticity of Derek’s apology

“@Makeupbywhit wanna verify that this was following a private, sincere apology initiated by him?” another social media user posted after Derek didn’t link Whitney in his post.

“He may have tried, but I ❌ his number and he blocked me on insta. ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them’. I’ve realized that just because we’re castmates doesn’t mean we need to be friends too. He didn’t like me on the show so I shouldn’t have expected that to change,” Whitney responded in her own tweet.

Whitney Response To Derek F
Whitney posted a response to the Derek F apology. Pic credit: @Makeupbywhit/Twitter

Whether or not Whitney has accepted the apology from Derek is another matter, but her recent response to the tag from a fan means that she is at least aware that it has been made.

It’s possible that she is waiting to find out if Derek will take down the re-tweets that he made which were also intended to make her look bad.

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