Derek Frazier tries to defend Todrick Hall by personally attacking a woman, irony gets lost on him

Derek Frazier Playing Big Brother 23
Big Brother 23 houseguest Derek Frazier finished in second place on his season. Pic credit: CBS

Another feud is taking place between Derek Frazier and Whitney Williams from Big Brother 23, with this one spawned by Derek trying to find a way to defend Todrick Hall on social media.

Meanwhile, after Todrick Hall canceled all of his post-show interviews following Celebrity Big Brother 3, he seems to have gone into hiding, presumably until some of the drama from his season has blown over.

One person who didn’t run and hide was Miesha Tate, who issued an apology to Shanna Moakler for her part in the extremely negative things said about Shanna’s personality, family, and the way that she dresses on the Big Brother live feeds.

But the drama surrounding Todrick didn’t stop many members of the BB23 cast from having a party at his house to celebrate the end of the celebrity season. And in doing so, Whitney’s picture was taken in the same room as Derek by one of his friends (without her permission), which he is now using to defend his support of Todrick.

The social media mess has only grown from there, with Derek insinuating that he turned down a chance to be on The Challenge so that, in his words, he could do something “bigger” in the near future. But after starting the drama again, Derek began deleting his posts and the responses he had made, possibly due to the backlash he was getting on social media.

Receipts were gathered before Derek Frazier deleted everything

As seen in the collection of screenshots shared below, the internet always remembers everything. As the story goes, Whitney Williams was hesitant to go to a party at Todrick’s house due to the negativity she had received from a few other members of the BB23 cast. That, coupled with the negative things she learned about Todrick, made her not want to attend a party with those people in attendance.

But Whitney was convinced to go, and, according to her, she thought that the drama and personal attacks coming from Derek had ended. But it looks like he wasn’t done trying to use Whitney to gain attention for himself. Now, it seems he is using Whitney to deflect from his silence about Todrick and the way he played Big Brother.

Whitney Williams defends herself after Derek Frazier deletes posts

“#bb23 ended 6 months ago, and a handful of our cast mates have been chosen for a show he’s been wanting to go on… clearly Derek feels left out and wants to stay reverent by stirring up some catty Twitter drama,” Whitney posted on Twitter after she saw early-morning posts from Derek about her.

“Truly though, I had a wonderful time with the cast this week, even better than I ever imagined, and I really want to try to keep my perception positive.. so I think it’s best that I quit giving this negativity more attention,” Whitney went on to say.

Whitney Williams Tweets
Whitney responses to Derek Frazier digs. Pic credit: @Makeupbywhit/Twitter

Whitney later posted about being hurt and feeling isolated while all of this is going on.

Whitney Talking About BB23
Whitney speaks about post-Big Brother life. Pic credit: @Makeupbywhit/Twitter

Derek Frazier starts deleting posts after Whitney, Big Brother fans call him out

“I chose to delete tweets because I decided this isn’t the platform where I want to have certain conversations,” Derek posted as his excuse for deleting all of the comments he was making about other people.

Quite a few people were reminding him of all the things that Big Brother fans felt were sexist and misogynistic that he was caught saying on the Big Brother 23 live feeds last summer about Whitney, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell.

Derek F Post
Derek Frazier posts about why he is deleting his posts after hours of online debate. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Twitter

Is the drama over now? Will Derek Frazier go hide with Todrick Hall instead of admitting he was wrong? We shall see.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 and Big Brother 23 are currently streaming on Paramount+.

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