Deavan Clegg and Topher Park accused of using new toph&her teaser as a ‘PR reel to try to spin the truth’

Deavan takes to a documentary to continue telling her story. Pic Credit: FamilyVanny/Youtube

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is over but Deavan Clegg is putting out her own end to the story.

It’s been a week since fans watched Jihoon Lee tell Deavan’s daughter Drascilla that he loves her as they left to board a plane headed for America.

A completely different scene was expected by fans after the messy social media breakup of Jihoon and Deavan.

The breakup was portrayed differently on social media

After abuse allegations surfaced, Deavan painted a frantic picture with TLC assisting the 90 Day Fiance star flee Korea with her two young children.

Since the show ended, she’s gotten real with her experience on reality TV.

The 23-year-old thanked the film crew in Korea for being so kind all while shading TLC throwing in the process as she wishes she “could say the same about Sharp [Entertainment].”

A new creative project was launched

Although Deavan convinced fans that Topher wasn’t an aspiring actor, he definitely has experience in front of the camera.

The couple has collaborated and the 90 Day Fiance star goes on camera and to announce she has taken on the role of producer.

Labeled ‘toph&her’, there’s definitely an emphasis on the ‘her’ as Deavan takes center stage.

While it was advertised as something similar to a lookbook, the couple spends a lot of time talking about events from the previous season of the TLC show.

From speaking on camera about Drascilla’s PTSD to Jihoon’s social media activities, fans are accusing the couple of using the creative project as a way to spin the truth.

In the teaser for the upcoming documentary, she defends herself and says, “But we’re the ones getting canceled because we’re the ones who left an abusive relationship. We’re the ones who left the abuse to come here to be safe. I’m the one who is a single mother paying for everything.”

Deavan is shown speaking with her mom Elicia with her mom agreeing that “this is a psychological war.”

The toph&her teaser was released

A best friend of the couple goes on camera and gushes about Topher and his “taking on two kids that are coming from a situation from abuse.”

“I know deep down inside the true story, they are just normal people,” he continued.

While they are marketing the video as a documentary, viewers can’t help but think of this as a PR attempt after how the season ended.

In fact, one commenter said just that. They wrote that Deavan and Topher’s documentary was just a “PR reel to try to spin the truth” right before commenting was turned off and all comments were removed.

90 Day Fiance returns December 6 at 8/7c on TLC.

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