Danny Massa reacts to Carolyn Wiger targeting his Survivor 44 bromance

Danny On Survivor 44
The Survivor 44 cast featured Danny Massa. Pic credit: CBS

Danny Massa was voted off of Survivor during the latest episode.

He finished in seventh place and was blindsided by a plan from Carolyn Wiger.

Earlier in the season, Danny put himself on Carolyn’s radar when they went on a Journey together.

The third person on that journey was Brandon Cottom, who caught the fancy of Danny.

Danny and Brandon hit it off very well, forming an alliance that could have worked well later in the game.

But the bromance between Danny and Brandon ended up slighting Carolyn, and she didn’t forget about it.

Danny talks about Carolyn getting her revenge

In his exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Danny was asked what happened between him and Carolyn in Fiji.

“Did me and Brandon hit it off? Yeah. He’s from Philly, I’m from the Bronx. I’ll definitely say this: I vibed more with Brandon than I did with Carolyn. It definitely was highlighted as a negative,” Danny told Dalton Ross.

Danny then explained his side of the situation from when the trio enjoyed relaxation and food together.

“When it comes to the lunch, I’m not going to defend myself. Clearly, I’m biased, I’m a fan of myself. But I will say this: Brandon is one of the most compassionate, sweetest people,” Danny explained.

“Maybe I was just some bro-ish show-off, and maybe that’s something I have to reflect on,” Danny added before saying, “If anybody feels negatively about that, I would disagree with them.”

More from Survivor 44

Before Danny was eliminated from the show, Survivor released a deleted scene about him finding an Immunity Idol. Though the scene didn’t make it into an episode, it helped explain what happened to the missing Immunity Idol.

And in a new deleted scene, a long conversation between Carolyn and Danny took place before the Tribal Council that eliminated him. This was the point where Danny should have been worried about becoming the target.

Though Carolyn succeeded in taking out Danny, she did so while using her Immunity Idol to save Carson Garrett. Now, she is vulnerable in the game as the final episodes from Survivor 44 debut.

As a reminder, the three-house season finale will include a Fire-Challenge that helps determine who makes it to the final three. The Survivor 44 jury will select its Sole Survivor from that group of three castaways.

For anyone who needs to catch up on episodes from Survivor 44, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+.

The streaming service is also where fans can go back and watch great seasons from the past.

Looking ahead, Survivor 45 has a big change that should excite fans, with a new cast already playing the game in Fiji.

The Survivor 45 cast will feature Bruce Perreault, who was medically evacuated earlier in Season 44 after getting injured in the first challenge.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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