Dani Soares and Alli Dore talk ‘brutal’ backlash from their Below Deck Sailing Yacht hookup

Ali and Dani from Below Deck Sailing Yacht dish their onscreen hookup.
Fans were not happy with Dani and Ali’s onscreen make-out session on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Dani Soares and Alli Dore are talking about the brutal backlash they endured after their Below Deck Sailing Yacht hookup aired.

The two stews make-out session had been teased all season long, and it finally played out onscreen. Dani needed some love and was not getting it from Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux. She turned to Alli, who was having her own drama with Gary King, and Alli happily obliged.

Alli and Dani ended up in a guest cabin getting hot and heavy while Jean-Luc and Gary listened outside. The hookup came out of the blue since the two ladies have not previously expressed any physical interest in each other.

The make-out session was interrupted by Gary and Jean-Luc. Dani ended up in the cabin with Jean-Luc, while Ali left with Gary.

Dani and Alli dish backlash of Below Deck Sailing Yacht hook up

During their weekly Instagram Live video chat Pita Party, with chief stew Daisy Kelliher, Alli, and Dani, addressed the attention their hookup received.

“More of a shock-factor moment because it’s two females. I’ve been waiting for this episode because I’ve been waiting for this caveman commentary,” Alli expressed.

Dani explained she had received a lot of brutal and angry DM’s, which she referred to as a “medieval way of thinking.” Things that were being said about Alli and Dani’s make-out session were not being said about other hookups, such as Gary and Sydney’s drunken one-night stand.

“When Sydney and Gary hooked up, and you and J.L hooked up, it wasn’t such a topic,” Alli spilled. “But then when you and I hooked up, that clip has been shown many times. I have received some seriously brutal DMs. We both, because of two girls. Like really horrible things.”

Alli and Dani call out other Below Deck hook ups

Boatmances and crew hookups are no strangers to the Below Deck franchise. Dani and Alli are far from the first duo to get busy on the show.

“I saw on Twitter somebody said, ‘Below Deck this season has been terrible,'” Dani shared. “‘These hookups.’ And somebody commented, ‘But it’s always been like that. Look at Malia White and the two guys.’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, whatever this time, it’s Alli and Dani.’ So, oh, so it’s a problem because it’s two girls? Not because we’re hooking up.”

Daisy Kelliher, Alli Dore, and Dani Soares got real about the backlash of Dani and Alli getting busy in a guest cabin. All three agree it’s a shame such negative attention has come from it.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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