Counting On: The Duggars meet Brooklyn Praise, gush over 20th grandchild

Kendra and Joe with Brooklyn.
Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar welcome Brooklyn Praise on the new episode of Counting On. Pic credit: TLC

Counting On is returning with an hour-long special that will feature Brooklyn Praise Duggar’s birth and an Easter celebration for the Duggar family. 

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar welcomed their third child back in February. She is the Duggar’s 20th grandchild. Now, their grandchildren officially outnumber their biological children with no end in sight. 

Jessa Duggar is currently the only Duggar child pregnant, and her baby, who will be born this summer, will be grandchild number 21. 

Insight into Kendra Caldwell’s third labor 

Fans of Counting On have followed Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar’s love story since the beginning. Their lives have been chronicled on the TLC show, from their courtship announcement to the birth of their children. 

The first two labors for Kendra were arduous. Her mom, Christina Caldwell, was there for her with both Garrett and Addison. With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, it looks like she was either in the room with the couple or near them as she is the one who announced to the family that Kendra and Joseph welcomed their daughter.

Things were intense for Kendra, who almost passed out several times during her previous labors. Both birth specials led viewers to comment about the pain the young woman endured, but she could pull through just fine in the end. 

On tomorrow’s Counting On special, Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar introduced Brooklyn Praise Duggar. Jana Duggar is shown revealing that the baby was born to everyone at the Duggar compound, and it appears that Kendra’s labor was incredibly short. She told the cameras her sister-in-law went into the hospital around four, and the baby was born just before eight. 

What else will Counting On bring with the new episode?

The synopsis for the new episode of Counting On also talks about Easter celebrations. The holiday has not yet happened as Easter is on April 4 this year. 

Speculation is the family held their festivities early because Jedidiah Duggar is reportedly marrying Katelyn Nakatsu on April 3, 2021. While it is unclear where the wedding is taking place, Jedidiah’s friend, Tristan Miller, confirmed he was a part of the party and needed to be at rehearsal on April 2. 

Holding a wedding on Easter weekend is different for the Duggars. However, this whole situation is a bit abnormal for the family. No one has announced Jedidiah and Katey’s courtship and subsequent engagement, yet, the Nakatsu family blog shared the video of the two getting engaged

Be sure to tune in to see what the special episode entails and to get a look at all of the younger Duggar siblings who are growing up. 

Counting On airs Tuesday, March 30 at 10/9c on TLC.

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