Cody Nickson from Big Brother 19 hosting a treasure hunt with cash prize

Cody Nickson BB19
Cody Nickson played Big Brother 19 with Jessica Graf, Paul Abrahamian, and Josh Martinez. Pic credit: CBS

Former Big Brother 19 houseguest Cody Nickson is putting on a treasure hunt for people in the Dallas, Texas area. A cash prize is on the line and it’s possible that a fan of Big Brother or The Amazing Race could make some money while having fun.

After being part of the BB19 cast, where Cody met his future wife, Jessica Graf, the couple went on a season of The Amazing Race. They did quite well. So well, that they walked away with the $1 million cash prize that came along with it.

The couple has also gotten married, has had two kids of their own, and continues to be very active on social media.

Recently, Jessica posted a video lip-syncing to No Scrubs from TLC with their kids. Quite a few of their social media followers loved watching it.

Cody Nickson hosts a treasure hunt in Dallas

Taking to his Instagram page this week, Cody posted a message outlining some details from a treasure hunt that he will be hosting at the end of July.

“Treasure Hunt #2
$1,000 CASH Treasure!!!
Where: Dallas, Texas
When: July 31st at Noon
How to participate: I will activate a website at Noon on July 31st and share it here on Instagram where you can download the map/riddle.”

He then ended his post by writing, “Have fun and stay tuned…”

Cody later noted in the comments that it will cost $20 to participate in the event.

“$20 for a map with the riddle… no add on clues though to purchase, that wouldn’t be fair to everyone. So everyone will get the same map and riddle,” Cody clarified about the event.

Additional Big Brother news

A new season of Big Brother has begun on CBS, with the BB23 cast consisting of 16 brand new people who have never played the game before. There has already been a lot of drama with the season, including someone threatening to quit and self-evict during Week 2.

New episodes of the show air every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8/7c on CBS, but the summer 2021 season will be much shorter than normal.

The cast is heading toward its second eviction of the summer and the house already has a plan for the Eviction Ceremony. It will be interesting to see if the person getting sent home becomes very active on social media because we would love to hear their thoughts on the rest of the Big Brother 23 season.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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