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Cinco talks Love Island USA love triangle and who he was 100 percent in on

Cinco and Trina on Love Island USA
Cinco and Trina on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Cinco Holland left Love Island USA, the girls had said they thought he had checked out, which they also said about Jeremy Hershberg.

Things went south after Casa Amor, when Cinco told Trina Njoroge that he was not over Cashay Proudfoot and the two broke up, with Trina left heartbroken.

However, Cashay had hooked up with Charlie Lynch and she was in another love triangle, this one with her in the middle. When Cashay said Cinco was not willing to fight for her, she stuck with Charlie.

Cinco was voted out by his fellow Islanders, with Will Moncada and Jeremy saved over him.

Before Cinco left, he and Cashay shared an intimate moment, where he said he was 100 percent into her and she said she would consider leaving with him, which never happened.

Now that he is out of the villa, Cinco is speaking out.

Cinco Holland talks love triangle on Love Island USA

Cinco appeared on After the Island with Alex and Elizabeth and talked about the love triangle with Cashay and Trina.

Cinco also said that he doesn’t know why everyone thinks he was indecisive. He said this was an experiment and if you have one relationship, and then another and realize the first one was better, that is not indecisive.

He then compared it to figuring out a math problem and reaching the final answer. He just had to work through this problem to get to his answer.

“I had to figure it out for myself,” he said.

Cinco reveals who he was 100% all-in on

Cinco told the girls that he was 100% in on Cashay. When they asked if the end when he left was the first time he told her, he said it wasn’t and people must have missed a lot of what happened.

“You all must have missed a lot,” Cinco said. “I definitely said that a while ago. I even said that to everybody that I was going to tell her that before we went to Casa Amor.”

Cinco said if Cashay came out still single, it would be up to her if they hooked up.

“It’s totally up to her,” Cinco said. “I’m definitely open to talk to her but I will leave the ball in her court on that one. I’m sure about that one.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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