Christina resurfaces on social media after divorcing Henry on MAFS – Here’s what she’s been up to

The match between Henry and Christina was doomed from day 1. Pic credit: Lifetime

Last season, the Married at First Sight experts took to New Orleans and a new batch of singles to test if there really is a science to love.

The longest season in franchise history was doubled in length due to the global pandemic.

This season, the experts nailed it with pairs like Amani and Woody, as well as Amelia and Bennett. Others didn’t make it to Decision Day.

The match between Christina and Henry looked good on paper, but chemistry continues to be the one thing the experts can’t predict. The newlyweds didn’t have any.

Instead of Christina’s outgoing personality bringing out a different side of Henry, he found her pushy and impatient.

Although her new husband was completely different than anyone else she’s dated, she gave it a chance, but ultimately, she found herself always waiting for reserved Henry to make a move.

The season ended with Christina receiving a mysterious text message that accused Henry of having an affair with another man.

She apologized at the finale, but it’s clear it is going to take Henry some time to get over this one.

She’s been living it up in Mexico

Getting some space from all the negativity, Christina has been spending a lot of time off social media and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to heal.

Pic credit: @christinainmexico/Instagram

As for her love life, she revealed at the MAFS Reunion that she has been casually seeing someone and is focused on having fun.

She’s working remotely

The ex flight attendant announced she made a career change. Pic credit: @christinainmexico/Instagram

On her Instagram, she revealed she’ll be spending a lot of time south of the border due to a remote job.

She captioned her photo, “A lot of training, introducing myself to new people and waiting around, but so far so good. ??”

Keeping her profile private to 2,000 followers, the comments wished the reality TV star well in her new endeavors.

She looks back on her MAFS experience

Pic Credit: @christinainmexico/Instagram

Christina definitely didn’t have the smoothest journey on the show, but she’s taking it as a learning opportunity.

On another post on her Instagram feed, she wrote, “I look at this as a lesson, and my current life is filled with love, so I’m lucky to have that.”

While she didn’t explicitly go into detail, she spoke about the deception she’s felt since leaving the show.

“I’ve been more aware of how corrupt and money hungry people will be for a few bucks while still acting so kind to your face.. All while filling their pockets behind your back. I am in no way a victim bc I always knew this was a possibility. I just want to shed light,” the post continued.

Who do you think Christina is talking about in her post?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres Wednesday, January 13, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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