Chrisley Knows Best Season 8: When do the Chrisleys return?

Todd and Julie Chrisley in a Chrisley Knows Best confessional.
Todd and Julie are back for another Chrisley Knows Best season. Pic credit: USA Network

Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best will be airing in July. The trailer for the show starring the Chrisley family was released earlier today.

It has been months since Chrisley Knows Best has aired. The family came under fire at the end of last summer, with speculation the show may have been canceled by the network.

What can viewers expect from Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best?

A lot is happening in the upcoming season of Chrisley Knows Best. Todd Chrisley is still his sarcastic and over-the-top self, with Nanny Faye keeping him on his toes. The laughs will be flowing.

Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles were engaged on Chrisley Knows Best. In the trailer, they revealed that the wedding was off, and the engagement was off.

There had been speculation about the status of their relationship, which had an off period. Currently, Savannah and Nic appear to be back on as they shared photos on social media.

Grayson Chrisley is an official teenager now. Viewers have watched him grow up on Chrisley Knows Best. Todd talks with him about where he is in life, mentioning to Julie that Grayson is on “the river of manhood” during a confessional.

Nanny Faye and her sister Francis are camping out for Black Friday. The adventures with these two never stop!

What have Julie and Todd Chrisley been up to?

While the show has been on hiatus, Todd and Julie Chrisley have been working on a podcast. They talk about personal things and answer questions from fans weekly, with their humor and seriousness sprinkled in.

Todd Chrisley contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic. Savannah Chrisley announced the news as her dad was on the mend. It was later revealed that Julie was also sick with COVID-19, but it appeared to have hit Todd harder.

They are working on rebuilding their relationship with Kyle Chrisley, Chloe’s father. Raising Chloe has been a part of the show over the last couple of seasons, and now, it looks like the family is working on mending fences.

It is unclear if Kyle will appear on this season, but there is hope he will return down the road if he hasn’t already.

Moving forward, Season 8 is going to be very enlightening for fans who have followed the Chrisleys on social media. Questions will be answered, and life moments will be seen.

Chrisley Knows Best returns Thursday, July 9 at 9/8c on USA.

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