Charlie Davis from Survivor 46 shares a video of his family celebrating Q Burdette’s elimination

Charlie Davis Survivor 46
Survivor 46 runner-up Charlie Davis has been busy since returning from Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 revealed its final five on the latest episode, with Q Burdette getting eliminated in another blindside.

Earlier in that episode, Q found a Hidden Immunity Idol, giving him a clear path to the final five.

But Q decided he should save that Immunity Idol and became the latest jury member to be voted out without using his advantage.

This season, the Survivor 46 cast broke an embarrassing record, which might serve as a lesson to future casts.

Since Q didn’t play his Immunity Idol, his plan (with Maria Gonzalez) fell flat. Their votes for Charlie Davis didn’t matter.

Charlie barely survived the episode but did clinch a spot in the final five. And his family was extremely excited about it.

The family of Charlie Davis celebrates the blindside vote

A watch party of Survivor 46, Episode 12, had Charlie’s dad and sister in attendance. They appeared nervous as host Jeff Probst began reading the votes off, but then were shown celebrating as Charlie was saved by Q not using that Idol.

“Simply had to share this video someone sent me of my dad and sister reacting to last episode. This is what it’s all about! #survivor46,” Charlie wrote on a social media post.

An intense season finale for Survivor 46

Charlie Davis, Ben Katzman, Kenzie Petty, Maria Gonzalez, and Liz Wilcox made it to the final five on Survivor 46.

They got there through a series of blindsides, most involving someone getting voted out with an Immunity Idol in their pocket.

The Survivor 46 jury may have some bitter members, which should be revealed during the three-hour season finale.

CBS viewers can watch the Survivor 46 finale on Wednesday, May 22 at 8/7c. After it debuts on CBS, the 13th episode of the season will be available for streaming on Paramount+.

Someone will walk away with the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor. It would be a neat season for CBS to have a Survivor Reunion Show, especially due to the drama off-screen.

Kenzie also revealed that she is pregnant. She is expecting a baby with her husband, and we can’t wait to hear her post-show interviews.

A Survivor deleted scene revealed what Q planned to eat as his first meal back home. It was an interesting segment that got cut from the episodes.

Another deleted scene revealed that Venus Vafa caught fire sleeping too close to the campfire.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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