Survivor 46 cast broke a record during its latest episode

Hunter On Survivor 46
Hunter McKnight was part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The legacy of the Survivor 46 cast is one of playing without advantages.

Survivor 46 had Hidden Immunity Idols, with some fun twists on how the players acquired them.

But the Survivor 46 castaways weren’t keen on actually playing those Idols.

Instead, many players wanted to keep those Idols hidden for an extended period. Even when they knew they were at risk of being voted out.

Many episode segments featured Idol holders speaking about getting through a particular vote and then using their Idol later in the game.

It became a running joke for host Jeff Probst that the chaotic Tribal Councils and smoke screens required him to have snacks and a relaxed setting to sit back and enjoy the mess.

Q Burdette helps Survivor 46 set a new record

When Q Burdette found an Immunity Idol at the final six-stage, he was elated. It lined up with his strategy that he had become untouchable at Tribal Council.

Having survived numerous prior votes and seeing each of his targets get voted out, Q had reason to feel a certain level of comfort as another Tribal Council approached.

But it was Q’s turn to get blindsided as he was sent to the jury with an Immunity Idol still in his pocket.

Q Burdette became the fifth Survivor 46 cast member to leave without even playing their Hidden Immunity Idol – a new Survivor record.

Jem Hussain-Adams, Tiffany Ervin, Hunter McKnight, Venus Vafa, and Q were all voted out before playing their Immunity Idols.

A Survivor Reunion Show where Jem, Tiff, Hunter, Venus, and Q spoke about it on stage could have been fun – especially since many Survivor fans couldn’t believe that so many targeted players felt too safe to use their Idol.

More Survivor news

A war of words has happened between Venus Vafa and Soda Thompson on social media and through exit interviews.

The ladies are not on the same page about what happened in the game and later in Ponderosa (where the players go once they have been voted out at Tribal Council).

Venus called Ponderosa “traumatizing” in her recent interviews, sharing that she had some negative experiences in Fiji. And then Soda Thompson responded and refuted Venus’ claims, revealing she disagreed with that version of events.

Either way, Venus and Soda became jury members, each holding a vote to help decide the Sole Survivor for the season. And here is the Survivor 46 finale promo CBS is running.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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