Survivor deleted scene revealed what Q Burdette planned to eat as his first meal when returning home

Q Survivor 46
Q Burdette finished in sixth place on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Q Burdette had a plan for his first meal upon returning to his home from Fiji.

A Reward Challenge impacted him in a big way during Survivor 46, because it stuck with him while the game continued.

In a new Survivor 46 deleted scene, Q, Ben Katzman, and Maria Gonzalez are shown relaxing after returning to camp from a new Reward Challenge.

Charlie Davis had just won a meal of Chinese takeout food and invited Kenzie Petty and Liz Wilcox to join him.

Q put on a brave face, claiming he didn’t even miss out on anything, stating that the Chinese food wasn’t as good as what he got from Applebee’s.

“I didn’t miss it so much,” Q said about the Chinese takeout. “Because it wasn’t really getting, juicy, you know, shakes, or, you know, they didn’t have [mozarella] sticks and chicken wings and shrimp like I had at Applebess’s. So I didn’t miss much.”

As every Survivor fan remembers, Q won a feast from Applebee’s and invited Maria, Ben, and Tiffany Ervin to enjoy it.

Q Burdette talks about getting more Applebee’s during deleted scene

The Applebee’s feast was so enjoyable to Q Burdette that he began dreaming about having it again upon returning home.

Rather than sticking with his plans upon returning home, Q was ready to go to Applebee’s again.

In the clip below, Q talks about not wanting a kiss or a phone but rather a trip to Applebee’s with his wife. It was certainly a good plug for the restaurant and showed how much the experience in Fiji had stuck with him.

More news and notes from Survivor

When Q got blindsided during his final Tribal Council vote, he helped set a new record for futility by a Survivor cast.

Here is the record the Survivor 46 cast broke. It will stick with this group for years to come, and it was shocking that it even happened.

Some great news was revealed by one of the players recently. Kenzie Petty is pregnant and expecting a baby with her husband. The amazing news has had Survivor fans buzzing.

In less amazing news, Venus Vafa and Soda Thompson have been feuding since their return from Fiji. They view what happened on Survivor 46 a bit differently.

Venus has called Ponderosa “traumatizing” in her recent interviews, presenting what she felt were negative interactions in Fiji. Soda responded and refuted Venus’ claims, sharing what she felt happened during the game.

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