Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal who goes home next from CBB3 cast

CBB3 Final Five
The Celebrity Big Brother 3 final five has been showcased. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Sunday now reveal who goes home at the next Eviction Ceremony.

These fresh spoilers come from the Big Brother live feeds, where an important conversation just took place that will definitely impact who makes it to the final four.

A lot has happened since Carson Kressley got evicted on Friday night. And that includes Carson apologizing to Shanna Moakler in interviews. He now knows that he got duped by Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate.

In the house, the game went on, with a late-night Head of Household Competition on Friday, and then a Nomination Ceremony and a Veto Competition on Saturday. The producers definitely have a lot of footage to show during the next few episodes.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the weekend

Todrick Hall won the HOH Competition, giving him an automatic spot in the final four. He then nominated Todd Bridges and Lamar Odom for eviction, with Todrick stating to Miesha and Cynthia Bailey that his target was Todd.

But Todd won the Veto Competition, meaning he will use the Power of Veto to take himself off the block during the upcoming Veto Meeting. Todrick then has to put either Cynthia or Miesha on the block, and he just let Cynthia know that she is getting used as the replacement nominee.

Who goes home next on Celebrity Big Brother 3?

In a chat that just took place on the Big Brother live feeds, Todrick went to Cynthia and told her that he plans to get her and Miesha to the final three with him. He told her that Miesha is going to vote for Lamar at the Eviction Ceremony, so Lamar is going to become the next member of the CBB3 jury.

Even if Todd decides to vote against Cynthia, Todrick is the one who would break a 1-1 tie, so he definitely has complete control over what is going to happen next. It’s not exactly an impressive resume builder for Todrick to get Lamar out of the game, but that appears to be what’s about to happen.

Todrick is getting very close with Cynthia and it looks like he really does want a final three with her. Of course, this could just be gameplay to make sure that she doesn’t target him if she finds a way to win the next HOH Competition, but Cynthia hasn’t won anything all winter.

There are just three episodes left for Celebrity Big Brother 3 and they come on Sunday (February 20), Monday (February 21), and Wednesday (February 23). The season finale is on Wednesday night, where someone is going to win the $250,000 prize. And no, the CBB3 cast is not playing for charity.

If Lamar does indeed get sent home next, it means Miesha, Todd, and Cynthia will play in the important HOH Competition that will determine the first spot in the final three. Todrick will have to watch on as it all happens, and then an important Veto Competition will dictate who finishes in fourth place.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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