Catelynn Baltierra recounts traumatic miscarriage on season finale of Teen Mom OG

Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Catelynn shared her miscarriage with viewers on the season finale of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG was brave enough to share with fans that she suffered a miscarriage last year after announcing that she and Tyler were expecting baby number four.

On the season finale of Teen Mom OG, viewers first watched as Catelynn surprised Tyler with the news that she was pregnant again.

She told Tyler that she was having a psychic reading done and that she was going to ask them whether she was having a boy or a girl.

Tyler didn’t quite get the hint right away, but once Catelynn slid a positive pregnancy test in front of him, reality sunk in, and he got emotional after his initial disbelief.

The couple decided to surprise their family members with their pregnancy news in a unique way

Catelynn ordered a shirt that said, “If you read all of this shirt, you will find out I’m pregnant,” and wore it to dinner with both of their moms.

When Tyler was a bit cautious about telling family so soon (Catelynn was only four weeks along in her pregnancy), Catelynn noted that she wanted to tell them in case something, like a miscarriage, were to happen so she would have them as a support system.

Little did she know that she would be counting on her family once again for a miscarriage. Cate suffered one previous miscarriage that triggered some long harbored emotions about placing their daughter Carly for adoption in 2009.

Catelynn shared with viewers that she suffered another miscarriage

Toward the end of the episode, Catelynn told cameras in a solo confessional that she had woken from a nap earlier in the day and was bleeding, confirming that she had lost the pregnancy.

Catelynn told cameras, “It’s hard, period, I mean, anybody that’s been through it knows how difficult and heartbreaking that it is. Um, and it just sucks because we were really excited.”

Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Tyler and Catelynn talked about her miscarriage on the season finale. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn talked about how her mental health was affected by the loss

She said, “The reason that I got triggered when I had the first miscarriage was because it was losing a child all over again. And that trauma from being 16 years old and handing your child away to somebody really got triggered and it brought up all sorts of emotions.”

Catelynn continued to explain that her mental health was in a better state this time around than it was with her first miscarriage. She credited the work she’s put into her mental health for not allowing her to “spiral” but admitted that “it still sucks.”

Tyler was a supportive husband and Catelynn explained the loss to their daughter, Nova

Tyler, who often praises Catelynn online, offered his support, as always, to his wife Catelynn. He revealed that although he was sad about the miscarriage, his first thought was whether Catelynn was okay or not.

Because they didn’t want to get their daughter Nova’s hopes up about the baby, they didn’t tell her that Catelynn was pregnant. They did try to explain the miscarriage to her, though.

When Nova was having trouble grasping the concept, Catelynn told her of the baby that “God decided that it needed to go back to Heaven.”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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