Teen Mom OG spoilers: Catelynn surprises Tyler with major baby news in season finale

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra on Teen Mom OG
Catelynn shares her pregnancy news with Tyler on tonight’s season finale of Teen Mom OG Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG have not had it easy the past several months.

Aside from dealing with the pandemic, they also dealt with pregnancy loss this past November. Catelynn shared the news on social media and even got a tattoo tribute in memory of her babies in heaven, including a baby from a previous miscarriage.

Despite the loss they’ve dealt with, Catelynn and Tyler continued with their desire to grow their family. In a sneak peek of tonight’s season finale, Catelynn has some big news to share with Tyler regarding their growing family.

In the preview, she is seen handing a positive pregnancy test to Tyler, who appeared shocked and excited at the same time.

The couple wondered whether or not they should share the news with their families due to the loss they’d experienced in the past. Catelynn suggested that she would like to share the news to ensure they had a support system if anything were to go wrong.

Both Tyler and Catelynn were happy and excited and gave each other a big hug.

Catelynn and Tyler’s gender reveal

Back in February, Catelynn revealed on Instagram that she and Tyler were expecting another baby girl.

Catelyn posted a video of a gender reveal they held with their family. Catelynn and Tyler’s mothers held a balloon filled with confetti and showered the room with pink.

Tyler had been hopeful that they’d finally have a baby boy, and at one point, they even thought about going through the process of gender selection.

Ultimately, the two of them have shared that they are happy as long as their little one is healthy.

Catelynn and Tyler struggle with their relationship with Carly

While Catelynn and Tyler are overjoyed to welcome the new addition to their family, they continue to struggle with their relationship with their firstborn, Carly, who they gave up for adoption in 2009.

Catelynn and Tyler have worked with Brandon and Teresa, Carly’s adoptive parents, to facilitate some type of relationship with their daughter over the last several years.

Both Brandon and Teresa had set some parameters for Carly and made it clear that they didn’t want her to be on television or social media to protect her privacy.

Both Catelynn and Tyler have disagreed on how often they should be reaching out to Carly and their adoption counselor, Dawn, tried to offer some advice recently. She told them that they were responsible for continuing to communicate with Carly in an attempt to be more involved in her life.

Catelynn decided to write a letter to her daughter but Tyler had been more hesitant and didn’t want Catelynn to be hurt if Carly didn’t respond.

Their relationship with her continues to be a work in progress as they try to navigate Brandon and Teresa’s wishes.

Despite the challenges that Catelynn and Tyler have dealt with throughout the years, they continue to overcome them together and come out a stronger couple. Fans can tune in to tonight’s season finale to find out more about Catelynn and Tyler’s exciting pregnancy news.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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