Carmen defends Larissa and Jess, denies dating Colt Johnson after claims from his ‘mistress’ Vanessa

Larissa’s friend Carmen gets sucked into Colt drama. Pic Credit: TLC

Colt Johnson definitely has a thing for Brazilians as it is speculated that he dated another one – Larissa Lima’s friend Carmen Nys.

We first met Carmen on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After when she was Larissa’s gracious friend who bailed her out of jail and gave her somewhere to live after the Colt divorce.

Upon finding out that Larissa was reuniting with her ex Eric Nichols, she kicked her out of her home because she didn’t want anything to do with the drama that came with the couple.

However, the drama has followed her as she has recently been accused of dating Colt before Larissa.

Jess and Larissa bonded after finding out that Colt’s friend Vanessa has been in the picture since his marriage with Larissa. With Jess and Larissa hanging out, it was only natural that all three Brazilians would eventually be friends.

Vanessa vs. Brazilians

A fifth person has entered the argument, and she is a friend of Colt and Vanessa. She goes by the Instagram handle of @thetanalea.

It was her that put the rumor out that Carmen dated Colt before Larissa. Adding fuel to the fire, Colt reposts the accusation on his Instagram Story.

She goes on her Instagram Story to say that, “all the Brazilian broads think it’s cool to attack Vanessa because they’re still obsessed with Colt.”

Carmen responds

carmen responds to colt dating rumors
Carmen responds back to rumors. Pic Credit: @braziliancarmen/Instagram

Upon receiving multiple DMs asking her if she dated Colt, Carmen came on to Instagram to set the rumors straight. She reiterates in her IG Story on Sep. 8 that she has never dated Colt. Instead, she is “here helping the girls he used, cheated and manipulated.”

She also mentioned in part of her IG Story (above), Colt is “just mad because he knows Jess and I became friends, and she is in my house right now having a blast in Vegas.” Jess and Carmen were seen partying it up in Las Vegas after the holiday weekend.

She adds an insult to the blow in saying, “I have many things in common with my girlfriends, except their taste in men.”

After calling Colt a sociopath and Vanessa a “mistress,” she ends the post saying she hopes TLC stops giving Colt “space to use women on national TV.”


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Do you believe Larissa’s friend Carmen or the ‘mistress’ Vanessa?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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