Captain Jason Chambers shares Below Deck Down Under Season 3 update, reveals show changes

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Captain Jason has teased Below Deck Down Under Season 3. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under hottie Captain Jason Chambers has news about Season 3.

Captain Jason and Chief Stew Aeshs Scott have helped make the Below Deck spin-off a mega-hit.

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under took the show and them to a whole new level after the sexual misconduct situations.

It was announced at BravoCon that Below Deck Down Under Season 3 was happening.

There have been no photo leaks or hints about the upcoming season – but Aesha and Captain Jason are returning.

This week though, the hunky captain gave Below Deck Down Under fans some news about the show.

Below Deck Down Under star Captain Jason Chambers shares a Season 3 update

Captain Jason chatted with In Touch, revealing that Season 3 of Below Deck Down Under has not yet been filed. He has been in the dark regarding the details of the upcoming season.

“They leave me very much out of it. That’s the way they operate,” he shared before adding, “They do keep me at an arm’s distance, which I like. It actually brings out the challenging part of it, which I actually really enjoy.”

Captain Jason is left out because production has a big job putting the show together. No, he doesn’t feel slighted at all.

Instead, Captain Jason enjoys finding things out when filming kicks off.

“I like that when the location’s picked, I’ll turn up to a boat, I’ll meet the crew and then I’ll get on with it,” Captain Jason told the outlet.

The news that Season 3 has yet to be filmed means Below Deck Down Under won’t be back on Bravo airwaves until late next year or possibly early 2025.

Along with sharing that he is out of the loop with the new season, Captain Jason did admit some changes are coming after the Season 2 drama.

Captain Jason Chambers teases changes to Below Deck Down Under

After what happened with Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne, Captain Jason shared that even more safety protocols will be implemented per NBC Universal and Bravo.

However, Captain Jason also plans to make changes to ensure the safety of his crew.

“I actually obviously will implement my own style going forward for season three. Whether that’s in tune with NBC or Bravo, I’m not sure, but I definitely will be putting my two cents in as a captain going into season ​3,” the captain spilled to In Touch.

Captain Jason has been advocating for more non-alcoholic beverages on the show. Alcohol plays a big part in the crew night out, and Captain Jason admitted he doesn’t know how bad things get with the crew until the show airs.

Another change Below Deck Down Under fans can expect from Captain Jason is that he will no longer need Aesha to help put in his contacts. The captain has it all figured out now.

The news Below Deck Down Under Season 3 hasn’t been filmed yet comes hot on the heels of Monsters and Critics reporting that Below Deck alum Ashling Lorger may be on the next season.

Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott will return for Below Deck Down Under Season 3, but fans will have to wait a while for it to hit Bravo airwaves.

Below Deck Down Under is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Peacock.

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