Below Deck Down Under alum Laura Bileskalne suffered a miscarriage during Season 2 filming

Laura Bileskalne on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Laura shared some shocking news with Below Deck Down Under fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under alum Laura Bileskalne recently revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while filming Season 2 of the show.

Laura was fired from the show for her behavior with Adam Kodra and support for Luke Jones after his near sexual assault attempt on Margot Sisson.

The scandal earned Laura a slew of backlash, but she continues to stand by her actions.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Laura doubled down and admitted she has no regrets.

Along with defending her behavior, Laura has opened up about dealing with a very serious personal issue amid filming.

The stew learned she was pregnant and had a miscarriage while appearing on the Below Deck spin-off.

Below Deck Down Under alum Laura Bileskalne learned she was pregnant filming Season 2

Laura dropped a bombshell when she stopped by the Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel podcast to share her side of the Below Deck Down Under consent scandal.

Rachel began talking about a scene where Laura asked Chief Stew Aesha Scott about switching schedules because she was tired. There was a reason Larua was not feeling great or energized.

“I guess it is finally time to talk about it because I was not sure I wanted to talk about it. I found out I was pregnant on the second day of the show,” Laura expressed. “I was in shock. That was first pregnancy for me. It was a big shock.”

The stew admitted she thought she had a UTI and was on antibiotics for it. After speaking with a nurse for Below Deck Down Under, Laura was given a pregnancy test.

In the bathroom, Laura learned she was pregnant while cameras were outside waiting to film her.

Laura immediately tried to talk to Aesha off camera, something that’s strictly forbidden on the show but was allowed in this case.

“I told her what was happening because I thought she would be the one who can support me the most,” Laura shared, adding, “She knew what was happening with me, and it was also for my protection because I really didn’t want someone else to find out about it.”

The fact the situation was turned to make Laura look lazy, especially since production and Aesha knew what was really happening, still doesn’t sit well with her.

“I went to the hospital twice. I asked them not to show it because I didn’t want to explain what is happening, but everybody knew I was in the hospital,” she said.

Laura Bileskalne suffered a miscarriage filming Below Deck Down Under Season 2

The stew knew it wasn’t the right time for her to have a baby, so the show nurse helped her schedule an appointment for an abortion between the first and second charters.

However, on the final day of the charter, Laura suffered a miscarriage.

“We were still on charter on Monday, and that morning, I woke up with pain I cannot explain. I was bleeding extensively, and the bathroom was the only safe place I could be,” Laura explained.

She immediately wrote the nurse who took her to the hospital. However, the wait was so long Laura declined medical attention and signed herself out before seeing a doctor to get back to the boat.

Later, when a doctor saw Laura, it was confirmed she had a miscarriage. Despite producers and Aesha knowing about her situation, Laura reveals she was never asked to discuss it on camera.

Laura Bileskalne admitted she opened up about the pregnancy and miscarriage to clear up misconceptions such as her. Another clarification from Laura includes her hopping into Adam’s bed being taken out of context because of what happened with Luke and Margot.

Below Deck Down Under is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Peacock.

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