Big Brother’s Tyler Crispen shares new haircut

Tyler Crispen Instagram
Big Brother alum Tyler Crispen has been working on himself. Pic credit: @TylerCrispen2/Instagram

Tyler Crispen from Big Brother 20 is sporting a new haircut on social media.

For the image shared below, Tyler wrote simply “Chop chop” as the caption.

And one of the early people to comment was Angela Rummans, who simply posted a pair of scissors as her note.

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Recently, Tyler shared that he had been depressed and that it was taking a toll on his life.

He had also noted that he wasn’t feeling like himself and that he wanted to get back to the Tyler that had fun on Big Brother 20.

As for his return to the show for Big Brother 22, Tyler stated that 22 is now a number that he dislikes due to that season and what went on with him during the year 2022.

Tyler Crispen shares his new haircut

Ushering in a new chapter in his life, Tyler appears to have wanted to go for a slightly new look with his hair. He is still sporting the long curly locks, but it appears a bit more contained than they had been.

Tyler’s hair is also much shorter than what has been seen in recent videos shared on Instagram and YouTube.

Big Brother fans, houseguests comment on Tyler’s haircut

Already, Tyler has been getting a lot of compliments from his followers, with a lot of Big Brother fans noting that they like the new length and look that he is sporting.

Below is just a small sample of the people showing their support, and the post already has nearly 6,000 likes. A few followers also noticed that he is sporting some dark nail polish in the new photo.

Tyler Crispen Comments
Fans of Tyler Crispen weigh in on his new haircut. Pic credit: @TylerCrispen2/Twitter

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Big Brother 25 will air in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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