Big Brother winner shares thoughts on BB25 cast, roasts producers

Julie Chen Red Dress
There is a surprise coming from host Julie Chen Moonves for the Big Brother 26 cast. Pic credit: ©

Big Brother 25 has been messy. That’s no secret.

One houseguest got expelled, and another caused controversy by using the R-word.

Then there was a Double Eviction that didn’t count.

And now there are zombies in the Big Brother house.

The season is leading to many reactions from former houseguests.

Including a Big Brother legend defending Cirie Fields for wanting to quit.

Big Brother winner shares her thoughts

Jun Song from Big Brother 4 has been weighing in on the new season.

Jun won her season, and many fans hoped she would get invited back for an All-Stars installment.

Maybe Jun could be part of a Big Brother Legends season in the future?

“I can’t believe I’m rooting for Cameron because of Jared,” Jun wrote in a new Twitter post.

She isn’t a fan of how Jared plays the game and couldn’t believe Cirie was close to giving up her game for him.

Jun On Jared
Jun on Jared. Pic credit: @JunDishes/Twitter

Below is a post that Jun shared when Cirie complimented Jared on his gameplay.

It was from an episode that left many Big Brother fans wondering if Cirie knew what was happening in the house.

Jun has been cheering for many women on the BB25 cast and wrote how she would love Cirie Fields and America Lopez to work together.

She also shared a top six that some fans and fellow former winner Rachel Reilly would enjoy.

The goal of a Big Brother player, according to Jun

“Listen. If you get in that BB house, you’ve got one job to do,” Jun wrote about the goals of a Big Brother houseguest.

“Get to finale night with someone you know you can beat so you can walk out and cash that check,” Jun wrote before adding, “Get your 3-month paycheck.”

She is referring to the fact that every member of the BB25 cast gets paid to play the game. The stipend checks are substantial for people who make it to at least the jury phase.

Jun On BB Pay
Jun writes about Big Brother paychecks. Pic credit: @JunDishes/Twitter

Jun on Big Brother production

The fake Double Eviction that sent nobody home has also frustrated Jun. She isn’t alone, as many fans have written about that moment.

The ignored Double Eviction led to Jun writing that people “only go home when production wants them to” on Big Brother.

Stretching the 2023 season to 100 days has led to some odd decisions by the producers.

Jun On Production
Jun jokes about Big Brother production. Pic credit: @JunDishes/Twitter

All Big Brother fans should follow Jun Song as the BB25 season resumes. The BB4 winner is in tune with the show and always has unique thoughts.

As a reminder, the Big Brother 25 schedule has shifted a lot.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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