Big Brother spoilers: Which celebrity gets evicted first?

Miesha Tate CBB3 House
Miesha Tate is in the power position still on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers have come from the live feeds overnight, where the celebrities have had some important discussions about the game.

Following the second episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2022, the producers finally turned on the feeds to the house, letting subscribers watch and listen to the 11 houseguests as they plotted.

During that last episode, Big Brother fans watched as Head of Household Miesha Tate nominated Carson Kressley and Mirai Nagasu for eviction. It was a shocking set of nominees, with Miesha telling them each that they were just pawns.

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In Episode 3, the celebrities will be shown playing for the Power of Veto, and the final nominations for the week will be set. And since it is a two-hour installment on Friday, February 4, there will be time to show the first Eviction Ceremony of the winter as well.

Spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds

Carson Kressley has been saved from the block. The Power of Veto was used on him to get him off the block and put someone else up in his place. The Big Brother live feeds hinted at Carson winning the POV himself, but that wasn’t made completely clear. Either way, the POV was used on him, and he is now safe from eviction.

Teddi Mellencamp became the replacement nominee, with Miesha putting her on the block next to Mirai. That was what Miesha had suggested was her ultimate goal for the week anyway, with the plan being to send Teddi packing first. After the Veto Meeting, though, some drama has surfaced in the house and Teddi feels betrayed.

Who is getting evicted on Celebrity Big Brother first?

A lot of discussions have been had on the Big Brother live feeds about whether it will be Teddi Mellencamp or Mirai Nagasu getting evicted on Friday night. It’s also worth noting that Teddi and Mirai had tried to work together, but they were immediately forced to try to campaign to stay in the game.

As opposed to what takes place on the Big Brother live feeds during the summer, these celebrities aren’t as clear about their intentions. It hurts that the season had been going for about nine days before the feeds got turned on, so there is a lot of footage we haven’t seen yet that could appear on Episode 3.

Since Miesha wants Teddi to be evicted, and because Teddi was involved in a number of arguments already, it looks like Teddi is going to be the first person evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2022. But remember, Cynthia Bailey has a power in her hands (curse) that might force her to nominate someone on the spot. It could lead to a third nominee on eviction night and create a lot of additional chaos.

As it stands, we think that Teddi is about to be evicted from the Big Brother house, but with a long episode on Friday night, anything could happen. Big Brother fans should make sure to tune in at 8/7c on February 4 to find out for sure how everything goes down.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS throughout February 2022.

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