Big Brother spoilers: Updates from live feeds since new HOH took over

Xavier BB23 Final Five
Xavier Prather appears to have made it to the final five on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

A lot of Big Brother spoilers have come out since the Double Eviction last Thursday night. It was a big night for the BB23 cast and it took The Cookout alliance to the final six this season.

Late that night, the remaining houseguests played for the power again, doing battle in a new Head of Household Competition to see who would get to take the first shot within The Cookout.

Kyland Young won the challenge, which will be shown to the CBS audience during the September 12 episode of the show. It was an important victory for him because it guaranteed a spot in the final five.

Regarding the upcoming episodes of Big Brother 23, CBS has made a lot of changes that can be seen here. It includes two Friday night episodes and one Sunday without one.

Who got nominated for eviction on Big Brother?

Kyland nominated Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction. He pulled Hannah aside to let her know that she was a pawn and that she was on the block so that if she won the Power of Veto, she could not save Tiffany.

Having Tiffany become the target so soon after they spent the night together in the Big Brother HOH bed may be surprising to some viewers, but Kyland saw Tiffany as a threat that he needed to work at taking out before he was out of power.

A Cookout Power of Veto power

Kyland also won the Veto Competition this week. It was based on BB Comics, so there is a lot of footage that viewers will get to see during the September 15 episode of Big Brother. It also meant that Kyland kept the power in his hands and he didn’t have to worry about what anyone else might do.

It appears very likely that Kyland is going to keep the nominations the same, but he will officially make that choice during the Veto Ceremony on Monday (September 13). Once the nominees are locked in place, it appears that Tiffany will be the first member of The Cookout heading to the BB23 jury house.

This looks like the end of the road for Tiffany, which could lead to some really surprised jury members when they see her walk in on Thursday night. Little do they know that there is another Double Eviction about to take place, so Tiffany won’t be joining the jury by herself.

And speaking of the jury, Sarah Beth Steagall just shared a new video from the house that showed off the pool, wildlife, and the private bedroom and bathroom that she now has. It has to be nice for everyone in the jury to now have the privacy of their own rooms and the ability to spend time on their own without having to worry about the schedule of the Big Brother house.


Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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2 years ago

No longer like this show. It is over for me. I really hope Big Brother 24 does not do something like “The cookout”. It took the real fun out of watching the show.