Big Brother spoilers about who played for special power

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The Big Brother 25 cast experienced its first America’s Vote this season.

And since the producers revealed power was up for grabs due to popularity, it has led to much chatter on the live feeds.

The BB Power of Invincibility gives someone the power to cancel an eviction.

Houseguests will vote as usual, and when the results are in, it will be revealed whether or not the power was used.

The power holder can save someone anyone from the eviction, including themselves.

There is a time limit on this power, as it must be used during the August 31 or September 7 Eviction Ceremonies.

Who played for the BB Power of Invincibility?

All 13 houseguests were called to the Diary Room on August 29 (separately) to learn if they got to play in the challenge.

The top four vote-getters (based on fan voting) were allowed to compete. But since they did it individually, each player had a secret they could keep or share.

Conjecture flooded the Big Brother live feeds as the houseguests tried to guess the power and who had won it.

Through chats that the houseguests were having and information that was sworn to secrecy, it appears that the four top vote-getters have revealed themselves.

Cirie Fields, Matt Klotz, Cory Wurtenberger, and Jag Bains are likely the four people who played in the challenge.

This information has not been confirmed yet, but they are the only four people to tell other houseguests that they competed.

Later, while alone, Cirie danced in front of one of the cameras and thanked America. Some Big Brother fans feel this hints that she won the challenge, but that hasn’t been confirmed. She may have simply been thanking fans for their support.

During a chat on the live feeds that happened Wednesday, Cirie insinuated that Matt has the power.

Cirie also laid out that she would be giving Matt advice on whether or not to use his power.

More news from Big Brother 25

Confirmation of whether Cirie, Jag, Cory, or Matt won the challenge will come on the August 31 episode.

On the live feeds, America Lopez revealed her plans as HOH. But will America do what she wants or get convinced to go a different direction?

It was also revealed that Jared Fields told Blue Kim his secret. It has led to some odd behavior in the house.

Some of those odd game moves included Felicia Cannon making a deal with Jared that does not include Cirie.

For fans looking to play Big Brother, applications are open for the BB26 cast.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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