Big Brother: Reindeer Games reveals its final four with an action-packed penultimate episode

Tiffany from BB23
Tiffany Mitchell was on hand to host the BB Reindeer Games ending. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

A new episode of Big Brother: Reindeer Games aired Tuesday night, leading to the final four being set.

The intense season is now nearing a conclusion, with the Big Brother spin-off finding success with viewers. It might be able to air again next winter.

Josh Martinez was eliminated in the previous episode after he got beaten by Nicole Franzel in an Endurance Challenge.

Josh became the fourth person to get eliminated on the show. Cody Calafiore, Cameron Hardin, and Danielle Reyes were eliminated before him.

Nicole was sent to Santa’s Showdown by Taylor Hale, possibly setting up some drama after she survived the challenge.

Taylor, Nicole, Frankie Grande, Britney Haynes, and Xavier Prather had made the final five. But someone else would be eliminated on Tuesday night.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games Episode 5 begins

Santa revealed that the final five players would compete in four challenges during the December 19 episode.

Nicole said she wasn’t going after Taylor, but would she stick to that?

Tiffany Mitchell from Big Brother 23 walked in as the new Elf Ambassador. She was the new co-host, taking over where Jordan Lloyd and Derek Xiao left off.

The Naughty and Nice Challenge began shortly after Tiffany walked in. The object of this one was to find the right key hidden around the house that would open the room upstairs (the HOH Room).

Nicole found the key quickly – winning her the night’s first challenge.

Two Jingle Bell Brawls for Reindeer Games Episode 5

Tiffany revealed that there would be two Jingle Bell Brawls during the episode. The winner of each would advance to the season finale.

Nicole’s advantage/disadvantage in winning the Naughty and Nice Challenge Challenge was selecting someone to sit out the first Jingle Bell Brawl. She had Xavier sit out.

The first Brawl had the players taste-testing egg nog concoctions. They had to figure out the ingredients in each drink. Britney said they were chunky.

BBRG Egg Nog
Frankie Grande, Taylor Hale, and Nicole Franzel during a Reindeer Games challenge. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Taylor won the first Brawl, and Xavier enjoyed laughing at everyone from the side as they struggled.

Taylor advanced to finale night and got to select someone to join her. She chose Nicole to be safe for the night.

In the second Jingle Bell Brawl, Frankie, Xavier, and Britney were asked questions based on the Christmas carols sung earlier in the season.

Frankie won the second Jingle Bell Brawl.

Santa’s Showdown to decide final spot in Reindeer Games

Xavier and Britney had to battle in one final Santa’s Showdown for who would advance to the Reindeer Games with Frankie, Nicole, and Taylor.

The players had to knock down an elevated billboard of blocks by swinging into it from a zip line. Xavier made easy work of the first part – while Britney struggled to knock down anything.

The second portion of the challenge was to put the billboard back together on the ground.

Xavier took a big lead, but Britney started catching up. It led to a dramatic finish.

Xavier Prather won the challenge, and Britney Haynes was eliminated.

The final four players are Xavier, Taylor, Frankie, and Nicole.

Only one episode remains on the Big Brother: Reindeer Games TV schedule.

A new season of The Traitors has a trailer – featuring two Big Brother legends.

Previous episodes of Big Brother: Reindeer Games are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games airs on CBS.

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