Big Brother: Reindeer Games resumes episodes, cuts another alum

Xavier on Reindeer Games
Xavier Prather won BB23 and returned to play Reindeer Games. Pic credit: CBS

The fourth episode of Big Brother: Reindeer Games aired on Monday night.

Only six contestants remained after Danielle Reyes got sent home on the last episode. Cameron Hardin and Cody Calafiore exited before Danielle.

The final six players were Britney Haynes, Taylor Hale, Xavier Prather, Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel, and Josh Martinez. Each player has different reasons for wanting to win, but they all enjoy playing the games.

Several alliances have already been busted. Frankie and Nicole had worked with Cody, and Danielle had alliances with Taylor, Josh, and Xavier.

But the end of the premiere season is already on the horizon, and they need to get down to four people ahead of the finale episode.

Here is an updated episode schedule for Big Brother: Reindeer Games, revealing how close the winner is to being crowned.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games Episode 4 begins

Britney, Nicole, and Taylor had a chat about sticking together. Would an all-women alliance finally work on Big Brother?

Derek Xaio arrived to carry out his elf duties. It was time for another Naughty and Nice Challenge. The challenge had the six players trying to figure out who kidnapped Jill Frost (Jack’s wife). Clues were scattered about the lodge.

The alums raced around the house to detect which evil reindeer committed the crime. Frankie won the challenge. Derek revealed that the upcoming challenge would be done as duos.

Another Jingle Bell Brawl on Big Brother: Reindeer Games

Frankie chose Taylor as his partner. The other four people couldn’t decide on partners. Britney and Nicole wanted to work together, but Josh and Xavier wouldn’t let that happen.

After an extensive discussion, Xavier picked Nicole as his partner, putting Josh and Britney together.

The challenge had the teams trying to load a sleigh with presents. The presents had to be correctly packed.

Frankie got assigned a disadvantage after winning the Naughty and Nice Challenge. The punishment was to freeze an opposing duo for 45 seconds. He chose to freeze Xavier and Nicole when they looked to be ahead.

Taylor and Frankie won the challenge. They became safe and would decide which people would enter Santa’s Showdown. A twist forced each winner to choose one person (from different teams) to face off.

Taylor had to decide between Xavier and Nicole, while Frankie had to choose between Josh and Britney.

Santa’s Showdown: Who went home tonight on Big Brother: Reindeer Games?

Taylor chose Nicole, and Frankie chose Josh to play in Santa’s Showdown.

It was a bit dramatic, as Taylor had told Frankie she was choosing Xavier. But then she didn’t.

The challenge required the players to hang on to a moving candy cane. It was set up as a rodeo, and the winner would be the last person hanging on.

Josh and Nicole did well, lasting 40 minutes easily. But then things sped up. And the candy canes began bucking the players.

Both players were thrown off at the 65-minute mark – at roughly the same time, and then the show went to commercial. Instant replay was needed.

Josh fell off less than a second before Nicole.

Nicole Franzel won Santa’s Showdown, and Josh Martinez was sent home.

Fans wondering whether or not the players live in the Big Brother house this winter, here are your answers.

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Big Brother: Reindeer Games airs on CBS.

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