Big Brother recap: Nether Region and nominees

Cameron BB25
Cameron Hardin became the first Big Brother 25 cast member to be HOH twice. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CB

An important episode of Big Brother 25 aired on Sunday night.

CBS viewers finally learned who won the Head of Household Competition and who the targets had become.

On the last episode of Big Brother 25, Kirsten Elwin got voted out unanimously.

She was the second houseguest eliminated this season, heading home after Luke Valentine got expelled.

Luke was removed from the Big Brother house after using a racial slur. It surfaced on the live feeds and brought drama to the show on social media.

Following Luke’s expulsion from the game, his father made a statement. Luke’s dad says his son is not racist, and he provides examples for his reasoning.

Big Brother 25, Episode 5 recap

A quick recap of alliances began the new episode.

The Handful Alliance members are Blue, Cameron, Reilly, America, Jag, Jared, Cory, and Matt.

The Professors Alliance members are Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Bowie, Mecole, Hisam, and Red.

Viewers saw where the houseguests disappeared at the end of the last episode. They had all been transported to the Nether Region, where Cory spent about an hour on opening night.

Reilly returned to the house, and the remaining 14 houseguests played in a spooky challenge.

The challenge had the houseguests running for safety and finding hiding spots in a neighborhood. It was explained that the winner of the challenge would become the HOH, but the runner-up would be trapped in the Nether Region.

Blue, Mecole, and Cameron were eliminated in the first group.

Jag, America, Izzy, Cirie, and Matt were in the second group eliminated.

Cory, Felicia, Red, and Bowie Jane got eliminated in the third round.

Hisam and Jared were left competing for the HOH. After getting hints, they set off to find the correct door to win the challenge.

Hisam picked the correct door and got transported to the Head of Household Room. He became the Week 2 HOH.

Jared picked the wrong door and became trapped in the Nether Region.

Jared’s face also popped up on the Memory Wall, where he told the houseguests he had become trapped.

In the morning, Jared revealed they didn’t let him sleep in the Nether Region.

Discussions and decisions for the nominations

Members of The Handful Alliance were worried that Hisam had the power.

Hisam, Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Cirie secretly celebrated that their side of the house was in charge.

A segment was shown of Hisam and Reilly chatting the previous week, where she had mentioned his name as a possible target. It led to Hisam wanting Reilly out.

Hisam was shown meeting with Matt, where Hisam grilled him about his alliance with the other side of the house.

Hisam later met with Cirie and Izzy to tell them his targets were Reilly, Cameron, and Matt.

More Nether Region shenanigans

Jared returned from the Nether Region after about 12 hours. He then had to pick someone else to go to the Nether Region. His selection would miss the Nomination Ceremony but be safe for the week.

Hisam met with Jared and told him not to send Matt, Reilly, or Cameron to the Nether Region.

Cirie advised Jared to send Jag to the Nether Region so it would look like he was protecting someone from The Handful.

Jared did just that, sending Jag to the Nether Region and giving him safety. Reilly felt slighted after she saved Jared in Week 1.

Who got nominated for eviction?

Hisam hosted the Week 2 Nomination Ceremony and revealed who he was putting on the block.

Hisam told Cameron he was going on the block as a pawn with Reilly right before it went down.

The nominees for eviction were Reilly Smedley and Cameron Hardin.

Reilly and Cameron get a chance to save themselves during the Veto Competition on the August 16 episode.

Some Big Brother live feed spoilers

For readers who want to jump ahead, here is info on who won the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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