Big Brother recap: Who got evicted first from the BB23 cast?

BB23 Week 1 Block
Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long finished Week 1 of Big Brother 23 on the block. Pic credit: CBS

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, it was time to finally evict someone from the BB23 cast. It was the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer, forcing the houseguests to choose whether they would evict Alyssa Lopez or Travis Long.

On the previous episode of Big Brother, Derek Xiao won the Power of Veto. He decided that he would save Kyland Young from the block, protecting someone he has aligned with inside the Big Brother house.

Frenchie, who was the Week 1 Head of Household, then named Travis as his replacement nominee. This meant that the people on the block for the first Eviction Ceremony would be Alyssa and Travis.

By the end of the night, there would also be a new person named as the Head of Household, meaning Frenchie would suddenly be at risk for the first time of the season.

Big Brother 23, Episode 4 recap

The new episode picked up right after the Veto Ceremony, with Derek X pleased with his move and glad that he could get Kyland off the block. Alyssa talked about staying low to make sure people didn’t end up voting against her.

Frenchie had a Diary Room session saying he was about to be successful at “getting a meathead out” of the game. Travis, in the DR, called out Frenchie for lying when he promised safety in back on Day 1.

The Slaughterhouse alliance was finally revealed

The Slaughterhouse alliance that Frenchie put together was finally revealed during an episode. That alliance includes Frenchie, Xavier Prather, Brent Champagne, Whitney Williams, Kyland Young, Christian Birkenberger, Derek Frazier, and Alyssa Lopez.

Frenchie was then shown trying to create an all-girls alliance with Claire Rehfuss, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, and Azah Awasum (with him in it). All of the women seemed very dubious about what was going on.

Travis was then shown trying to campaign for safety, but it didn’t really look like he had any success outside of his own team (The Queens).

Who got voted off Big Brother at the Eviction Ceremony?

In the first eviction vote of the season, Sarah Beth Steagall voted to evict Travis, Xavier voted to evict Travis, Whitney voted to evict Travis, Christian voted to evict Travis, Azah voted to evict Travis, and Derek Frazier voted to evict Alyssa before it was time for another commercial break.

Kyland voted to evict Travis, Tiffany voted to evict Alyssa, Derek Xiao voted to evict Travis, Claire voted to evict Travis, Hannah voted to evict Travis, Britini D’Angelo voted to evict Travis, and Brent voted to evict Travis to finish it off.

By a vote of 11-2, Travis Long was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Travis met with host Julie Chen Moonves for a short interview before it was time to play for the HOH again. Julie brought up that before the episode began, Travis had tried to blow up Frenchie’s game by telling the truth about all those alliances.

A new Head of Household on Big Brother

It was a golf-themed challenge where the houseguests took turns trying to send a ball across the backyard and into a shark mouth. Different spots yielded a different point total, with the person on the toughest spot to make the shot becoming the new HOH.

Kyland Young won the HOH Competition. This means that Team Queens (Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young, and Tiffany Mitchell) are safe for the week. This is the team that Travis was on, but they still found a way to win, despite being shorthanded.

That brings an end to Big Brother 23, Episode 4. Stay tuned for more from Big Brother this summer. Until then, here is Dan Gheesling revealing who he is rooting for this summer.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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