Big Brother: Rachel Reilly quits Twitter, addresses Evel Dick video in new interview

Rachel Reilly BB Smile
Rachel Reilly has played Big Brother twice and won Season 13. Pic credit: @rachelereillyvillegas/Instagram

A lot of Big Brother drama has been taking place outside of the house over the last week.

Paul Abrahamian recently shared a clip from 2014 of a video where Evel Dick Donato, Rachel Reilly, and Elissa Reilly Slater were chatting about Big Brother 16.

The clip was very short, but it had Evel Dick using the N-word in conversation and revealed the immediate reactions of the Reilly sisters.

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Since then, social media has been inundated with opinions from the show’s fans, many of which were not pleased that Evel Dick had used the word in that manner.

Evel Dick has since apologized for what he said in the clip, but that was not the end of the fallout from the event.

Rachel Reilly quits Twitter

When the backlash toward Evel Dick started up, a lot of people were also upset with Rachel on social media. Now, her Twitter account is gone. It’s possible that she just deactivated it for the time being, but it now yields the “This account doesn’t exist” message for everyone to see.

It’s a shame that she felt the need to get off Twitter, as she has always been extremely entertaining for fans of the show to keep up with. She is always commenting on the current season, her time on reality television, and former houseguests that she has played with.

At the same time, she is also very pregnant and could give birth within the next two weeks, giving her every reason to get off social media and remain in a stress-free environment for a little while.

Rachel meets with Jason and Danielle from Big Brother

Jason Guy from Big Brother 3 and Danielle Reyes from the BB3 and BB7 casts do a podcast. It is called The Secret Alliance Podcast, and they have now posted a new interview with Rachel Reilly that talks about a lot of different topics.

Among those topics in the video shared below are that Evel Dick chat, Memphis Garrett getting evicted from the current season, and various other facets of Big Brother 22.

It’s well worth the watch, as Rachel does address what she and her sister said to Evel Dick during the interview and right after it. And trust us, she does not agree with him or anyone else using that word.

Rachel Reilly joins us to discuss the Evel Dick clip, Memphis exit interview, and catch up on BB22

Regarding Memphis getting evicted from the Big Brother house, he has been doing a lot of interviews about the show. We shared videos where he addresses mocking Ian Terry and why he targeted David Alexander for so long.

The Big Brother schedule has just six episodes left on it, so we will soon learn the winner. Then, we might even get treated with a new season of Celebrity Big Brother this winter.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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