Evel Dick apologizes for saying N-Word after Paul Abrahamian calls him out

Paul Abrahamian and Evel Dick Donato on Big Brother.
Paul Abrahamian exposed Evel Dick Donato on social media. Pic credit: CBS

Evel Dick Donato is apologizing for comments made that were brought to light by Paul Abrahamian.

It is a known fact in the Big Brother world that these two men don’t get along, but the comments made by Evel Dick that Paul put on blast are shocking even for someone as controversial as Dick Donato.

What did Evel Dick say in the video?

In a video provided by Paul Abrahamian on Twitter, Evel Dick is having a conversation with the Reilly sisters, Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater. He says that he has “plenty of black fans” who are okay with him using the N-word. The look on Rachel’s face says it all.

Paul blocked Evel Dick quite some time ago but they both seem to know what the other has said and have been indirectly responding to each other’s shade. Paul is calling out Dick for his treatment of him over the years, calling him “openly racist and homophobic.”

Their animosity has gotten increasingly more intense with the video being the latest blow in their very public feud.

What did Evel Dick say in the apology?

On Twitter, Evel Dick immediately issued an apology for what Paul Abrahamian showed his followers. Of course, the Big Brother legend had not seen the video when he put out the tweet for damage control.

He said, “It’s been brought to my attention that Paul is posting a 5 second video where I said the N word. I have no clue what context this clip was pulled from, I am assuming it is talking about BB15. Regardless, I’d like to make a public apology for using the word in any context.”

Following that, he added another tweet acknowledging that he has used it in the past while quoting people or in a joking manner. Dick also went on to cover all his bases and “sincerely apologize” for using the N-word.

Evel Dick Donato's tweets.
Pic credit: @EvelDick/Twitter

The reactions from Big Brother fans appear to be mixed. While there are some taking sides, there are others who are calling Evel Dick Donato out for using the word at all. The feud with Paul Abrahamian has grown increasingly worse over the years.

This isn’t the first Big Brother scandal that has been shrouded in racism. Season 15 put the social issue on the map, and since then, some seasons have continued to experience it. Neither Dick nor Paul are currently affiliated with CBS or Big Brother.

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