Big Brother nominations: New celebrity HOH puts two people on the block

CBB3 Final Six
Just six people are left competing on Celebrity Big Brother 2022 for the $250,000 prize. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother nominations were just made by the new Head of Household, putting two people on the block who are going to have to fight for their safety in the game.

To quickly recap some of the other Big Brother live feed spoilers that were revealed, Todd Bridges is the new Head of Household after winning a late-night HOH Competition on Monday night.

After Shanna Moakler was evicted, the houseguests played in a new competition for the power. Todd won an important challenge of the winter season and got to work on deciding his nominations.

That wasn’t the last we heard about Shanna, though, as Todrick Hall has continued his personal attacks against her, even after she was sent home. It is not sitting well with Big Brother alums or fans of the show.

And it appears that she is having a tough time outside of the game as well, as Shanna unfollowed her boyfriend on social media. There had been some rumors about the boyfriend while she was in the house, and she has postponed interviews because of it.

Who did Todd Bridges nominate for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

At the Nomination Ceremony on Tuesday, Todd Bridges nominated Carson Kressley and Lamar Odom for eviction. At this point, Todd is targeting Carson for eviction, likely making him regret turning on Shanna yesterday evening.

Lamar is currently just a pawn on the block, but he still could be at risk of going home depending on who wins the Power of Veto. Todd wants to keep Cynthia Bailey in the Big Brother house (for now), so things could get interesting if Carson finds a way to win the POV.

The nominees were also told that they were going up on the block ahead of time, so there weren’t any surprises when the Nomination Ceremony finally took place. Everyone also knows how important it is to win the Veto Necklace this week.

More from Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season

The Veto Competition will take place later this week, and everyone gets to play in it since they are down to just six people. Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, Todd Bridges, Cynthia Bailey, Carson Kressley, and Lamar Odom all have every incentive to win that POV.

Cynthia has already been talking to Carson on the Big Brother live feeds about their best-case scenario. If Cynthia wins the POV, she is taking down Carson, which would mean Todd has to use Todrick or Miesha as a replacement nominee. And at that point, Cynthia and Carson could decide who goes home next.

Some important dates are coming up on the Celebrity Big Brother episode schedule, so fans are going to want to keep tuning in to find out what happens next. That includes a special Saturday night installment airing this weekend.

We aren’t too far from learning who wins Celebrity Big Brother 2022, and on finale night, the evicted houseguests get to come back to vote on who gets the $250,000 prize.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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2 years ago

Todrick is an ignorant bully! I stopped watching after never missing an episode. Todrick and Miesha are very mean-spirited. Couldn’t watch anymore. One of the worst casts ever!…except for Carson and Chris K.