Big Brother live feeds went down again, fans upset

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Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves is a queen of reality TV. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Big Brother live feeds went down on Saturday afternoon and did not return.

For fans watching the BB25 cast playing the game, the assumption was that the Veto Competition was beginning.

During each season, the houseguests play for the Power of Veto on Saturdays. And all of the latest Big Brother spoilers pointed toward a regular schedule this week.

Early on August 12, players were selected to play in the Veto Competition. And it seemed like a regular day for the cast.

But as the hours continued to roll by, the feeds remained down. Anxious Big Brother fans also took to social media to share their frustrations about what was going on.

The situation was eerily similar to when Luke Valentine got expelled from the house. The producers decided to keep the feeds down for almost two days afterward.

Why did the Big Brother live feeds go down for so long?

Big Brother producers rarely let the live feed subscribers know why access is taken away for long periods.

It leads to fans waiting hours or routinely checking in to see if the houseguests are visible again.

And that can be a frustrating process.

Sometimes the feeds are down for long periods due to filming. Some challenges can take a long time to do correctly.

And other times, the Big Brother feeds remain down to maintain a surprise for the CBS viewers.

But it’s very odd for the feeds to remain down during the weekend.

If the producers do this to maintain a surprise while filming the Veto Competition, it would mean an extended outage.

The winner of the Power of Veto isn’t revealed until the Wednesday night episode, so it would be August 16 when fans find out the results. That’s a long time to wait for the feeds to return.

Rumors about the Big Brother live feeds

When the feeds remain down for this long, the rumors start popping up on social media. Most of them are disproven, but people start trying to guess what is happening.

Like this one below:

And sometimes, fans try to poke fun at the situation. Below is a post where a fan shows aged Big Brother 25 houseguests.

Some fans have mentioned how putting out a statement could curtail all online rumors. But it has long been believed that the producers love the online chatter, as it helps bring attention to the show. It also often leads to Big Brother trending on Twitter.

Hopefully, nothing happened to any houseguests that forced the feeds to be down for so long.

A new episode on the Big Brother TV schedule airs Sunday night (August 13), so hopefully, the live feeds have returned by then.

But until then, here is a statement by Luke’s father claiming his son is not racist.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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