Big Brother HOH winner could have plans overthrown by Power of Veto

Hannah BB23 Final Six
Hannah Chaddha has made it to the final six on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother HOH winner controls the power in the BB23 house this week, but that could all change if one scenario plays out during the Veto Competition this weekend.

The Cookout made it all the way to the final six intact, but now the claws have come out and two members will be evicted at the Double Eviction coming up on the Big Brother schedule.

Readers should be prepared to encounter some Big Brother spoilers through the rest of the article because a lot has taken place as the houseguests prepare to play for the Power of Veto again.

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A secret Head of Household Competition was played late Thursday night that saw Kyland Young take control of the game. It guaranteed him a spot in the final five, but it also meant he would be the first person to take a real shot at other members of The Cookout.

On Friday, Kyland nominated Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction. Hannah was told that she was just a pawn to make sure that Tiffany would be the next person sent to the BB23 jury house. But is that how things would really play out?

Big Brother Power of Veto could still shake things up

If Azah Awasum wins the Power of Veto, then Tiffany still has a shot to survive the week. The three women left in the game have repeatedly talked about sticking together and proving that women can actually do that on Big Brother. It’s very rare that the women don’t turn on each other, so this could be a groundbreaking moment if it happened.

If Azah wins the Power of Veto and takes Tiffany off the block, it would force Kyland to nominate Xavier Prather or Derek Frazier as the replacement. Making that choice would also put Azah in a much stronger position to make it to the final three because Tiffany and Hannah would certainly be targeting Kyland at the Double Eviction.

The Veto Competition will take place later in the day on September 11 and it will definitely determine what happens next in the game. If Tiffany wins, she saves herself and Hannah becomes the next member of the jury. If Kyland, Hannah, Xavier, or Derek F wins the POV, then Tiffany is doomed.

More news and notes from Big Brother

A lot of former Big Brother houseguests have been celebrating the accomplishments of The Cookout this season. Here is a report sharing some of the posts that BB players have made over the past few days.

The extended interviews for Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez can be seen here, as the two newest members of the BB23 jury spoke at length with host Julie Chen Moonves after the last episode of the show came to an end.

Stay tuned, because everyone left in the Big Brother house gets to play in the Veto Competition this week, creating an interesting scenario of possible resume builders and strategies.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS in Summer 2021.

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