Big Brother fans react to Nicole Franzel playing the game again

Nicole Franzel BB16
Nicole Franzel has won Big Brother shows twice. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel hinted she would like to appear on the reality competition show again.

This led to many fans buzzing about the possibility on social media.

Previously, Nicole had said she was done with reality television, presumably due to how the Big Brother 22 season finished.

As part of the BB22 cast, Nicole made it to the final three, but she got cut by Cody Calafiore, who decided to take Enzo Palumbo to the final two with him.

With rumors about former houseguests getting contacted about playing again, it appears that Nicole might have a renewed interest.

Nicole has already appeared on the show three times, popping up on the BB16 cast before also playing on BB18 and BB22.

Big Brother fans have mixed reactions to Nicole Franzel playing again

Taking to social media, there have been varied reactions from Big Brother fans when it comes to seeing Nicole on the show again.

One fan said they believe Nicole could win if she returned on an all-winners season.

Comment About Nicole Franzel
Big Brother fan thinks Nicole could win again. Pic credit: @austy4realz/Twitter

Another fan seemed to be pretty excited about a season that included returnees and newbies.

BB Fan Wants Returners
A Big Brother fan is talking about an all-winners season. Pic credit: @SvetlanaBbtg/Twitter

A die-hard fan of Nicole also noted his excitement that she might compete again.

Nicole BB Fan
A fan of Nicole Franzel wants her back. Pic credit: @ramolannisters/Twitter

Some Big Brother fans don’t want Nicole Franzel back

While some Big Brother fans seem interested in watching Nicole play the game again, other fans are unhappy about the buzz.

One fan seems not to want any returners and lists Nicole among the people he does not want on the show again.

Fan Wants No BB Returners
A Big Brother fan who is against returners. Pic credit: @Shawnrvs/Twitter

Then there was a Big Brother fan begging CBS not to bring back Nicole.

BB Fan Doesn't Like Nicole
A Big Brother fan is begging CBS. Pic credit: @queerandcosmic/Twitter

More Big Brother news

It’s still going to be a long time until the Big Brother 25 cast starts playing the game this summer, whether or not there are returning houseguests.

Recently, the BB producers asked for more applicants, suggesting they are still planning to have some new people involved in the show.

In some great news from former houseguests, Nicole Anthony is looking at wedding venues. She won America’s Favorite Houseguest award on BB21 before getting invited back for BB22.

Elsewhere, there was bad news from the world of Big Brother showmances, as Kyle and Alyssa from BB24 broke up. It seems that some problems surfaced after they returned home from a long world vacation.

For any fans who want to go back and re-watch Nicole Franzel playing the game, her appearances on the hit reality competition show are available for streaming through Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs in the Summer of 2023 on CBS.

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