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Big Brother drama: Memphis Garrett’s former girlfriend breaks her silence

Dom Scalise
Dominique Scalise is sharing her own story about Big Brother 22. Pic credit: @DomScalise/Instagram

Dominique Scalise, the former girlfriend of Memphis Garrett from Big Brother 22, has broken her silence about his new relationship with Christmas Abbott.

Memphis and Christmas recently confirmed their new relationship and how it blossomed from a friendship that they developed as members of the BB22 cast this past summer.

Immediately after that news broke, it appeared that Dominique had deleted a Twitter account where she had been cheering on Memphis as he competed on Big Brother again.

Dominique had even used the account to refute rumors that she had deleted images of Memphis when there were interactions on the Big Brother live feeds that made it look like Memphis and Christmas were becoming more than just friends.

Fans who thought they saw a romantic relationship developing have turned out to be correct, as once they were out of the house, Memphis and Christmas began dating. They only went public after an image of them visiting a bar popped up on social media.

Now, Dominique is taking her turn to speak about her relationship with Memphis and how she reacted to the news that he was already dating Christmas.

Steve Carbone interviews Dominique Scalise on podcast

Reality Steve has always been known for breaking news about Bachelor Nation. He frequently has scoops about what is going to happen on seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette before the show even airs on ABC.

The world of Big Brother isn’t exactly new territory for him either, as it wasn’t that long ago when it went public that he was dating Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21.

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Now, Steve Carbone has the scoop about what is going on in the life of Dominique Scalise and how she is reacting to the situation between Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott.


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Dominique was not surprised to hear about Memphis and Christmas’ relationship

“I wasn’t completely surprised by the relationship,” Dominique told Steve during the interview.

She went on to say that, “I left Fort Lauderdale I want to say about four weeks ago, about a week after he got out of the show.”

What Dominique was surprised about, though, was what she says Memphis told her in regard to the time he was spending with Christmas in Florida.

“When he left, we kind of like just said we were gonna go our separate ways and take some time, and then he reached out to me last week and said, ‘Hey, Christmas was in town and some pictures might surface, and we went out and we were drinking and people saw us in bars and I just wanted to give you a heads up,'” Dominique stated.

She added to that by saying, “It was kind of a shock to me because it more so sounded like, ‘Hey, we were at a bar drinking and some fans saw us and took some photos,’ which I already knew about because I saw them on Instagram. But never did he say, ‘Hey, the weekend she got out here, we set up a photoshoot, did a bunch of interviews… and all of that will be coming out this weekend.'”

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What Dominique is referring to is that Memphis and Christmas had a media outlet photograph them and interview them as a couple when they decided to make everything public. He seems to have left out that bit of information when he talked to Dominque.

Dominique moved in prior to BB22 and was living with Memphis’ son

A really eye-opening part of the podcast was when Dominique told Steve that Memphis had her move into his house right before he went on Big Brother 22. It means Dominique, Memphis, and his son River were all living in the same house.

As she tells it, Dominique had a job opportunity in Chicago, but Memphis convinced her to not take it and move in.

She also says that she helped out at his restaurant without getting a paycheck, only to have the relationship end less than a week after he returned from the game.

As for her parting words on the situation? Dominique says, “I feel zero sadness. I feel no jealousy whatsoever. The last week, [I] feel like I’ve been in the best place that I’ve been in in a very, very long time.”

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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