Big Brother star Kathryn Dunn is dating Reality Steve Carbone as he reveals his biggest spoiler yet

Kathryn Dunn
Kat Dunn shown here in a challenge during BB21. She is now dating Steve Carbone. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother star Kathryn Dunn has a new boyfriend and it is Steve Carbone. Yes, that’s Reality Steve to all the Bachelor and Bachelorette fans out there. He is best known for sharing spoilers about the ABC reality shows.

This time, however, Reality Steve had some Big Brother spoilers to reveal, as he let the world know that he is dating Kat Dunn from the Big Brother 21 cast.

Reality Steve and Kat Dunn relationship

While having an Instagram chat with Ashley Spivey from Bachelor Nation, Steve decided it was time to start letting the world in on the secret he shared with Kat.

“Kat and I have been seeing each other,” Steve noted. “Yes, so if that’s what people want to know, that’s who I have been spending time with. Yes.”

He would later note, “It’s been seven weeks that her and I have been seeing each other. You know she’s here in Dallas. We spent most of yesterday together. I have a great time with her.”

He also spoke about how they aren’t a couple that will post pictures of each other on Instagram. But he did tell Ashley that they were together when he and Kat both posted Instagram pictures from the same place.

Ashley told him that another Instagram user already figured that out.

Social media responds to Reality Steve and Kat Dunn news

There has already been a lot of buzz surrounding this new relationship, although maybe it can’t be considered exactly new when they have been dating for nearly two months.

Some of the buzz was a bit negative, though, and Steve took to his Twitter account to address it. He put up the post below for everyone to see:

Who is Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21?

During the Big Brother 2019 season, Kat Dunn was a member of the BB21 cast. She was in a number of alliances during the season and had a showmance with Jackson Michie in the first few days.

The Kat and Jackson showmance quickly fizzled out, but it became a very hot topic of debate on social media as they seemingly tried to keep it a secret while the cameras were rolling for the shows.

Jackson moved on to Holly Allen, while Kat ended up on her own for a bit. She was voted out in tenth place for the season and became a BB21 jury member. It was on the jury that she started a new relationship with Nick Maccarone.

Recently, Kat and Nick broke up, which made her available to start dating Reality Steve.

In recent news about the show itself, some former winners have reportedly been contacted about playing the game again. That’s great news in regard to CBS putting together a new season that would air in summer 2020.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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